Do I Have Bed Bugs? – Sniffing Out Scams

Do I Have Bed Bugs

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

The Answer Can Get Complicated

Contractors taking advantage of homeowners is certainly not anything new. Of course, being able to search the internet for relevant information, it seems like scammers must go to more extremes to get hard earned monies from unsuspecting customers. There are many firms out there answering the “do I have bed bugs” question by using trigger dogs.  The pest control industry is no different and with the surge of Bedbugs over the last 10 years we have seen a lot of misinformation and quick money schemes to say the least.

The one that has come up repeatedly is the use of Bedbug Sniffing dogs.  The introduction of these dogs came from the best intentions.  We saw termite sniffing dogs decades ago before bedbugs were even reintroduced to our lives. Of course, these trained pest control experts were born from the difficulty inspecting and identifying the first stages of development. Even adult Bedbugs are inherently difficult to find during daylight hours. That because they are experts in hitchhiking, hiding and often only come out for a blood meal in the evening. Pair those traits with a complete insect life cycle and nymphs and eggs so small they are almost invisible to the naked eye and you have the crack in the inability of homeowners or business owners to correctly identify if they have an issue, and if a hired professional has actually eliminated the issue.

The Scam

So from the ashes came the smoke and mirrors of bedbug sniffing dogs. These canine professionals were getting booked out at rates of your local physician. The greed was the last ingredient. Triggering a bedbug sniffing dog was a way to  make money.  The need for service but to give the client value for their inspection fee.  Also a hearty boost to the technician’s ego. The “good guy” who found the invisible issue not only become the hero with the cute dog but was able to take in thousands of dollars from customers. All with a small signal, a pull of the leash or snap of the finger, that a human could barely hear. Once that dog sat down, they could almost hear the cha-ching.

Let me clarify my love hate with this industry and the hard-nosed approach EnviroPest has taken with other Pest Control Firms and operators. We have never used bedbug sniffing dogs. In fact, we have had canine Weimaraner’s (some of the nest tracking and noses for these inspections) in our family for years and thought about it over and over but never moved forward with it. Why? Because our staff and our clients always seemed to resort to common sense. That is, if you’re getting bitten at night while you’re in bed, 95% of the time you’re dealing with Bedbugs.

I can say this with more certainty because there are only a few insects that will bite you at night. Dust Mites, Bird Mites, and maybe Fleas. The others are so rare that I can tell you maybe 1 in 5000 chance. Pair that up with the concept that anything that is biting you at night is going to be eliminated with a bedbug treatment and it’s a no brainer.


One bad apple spoils the bunch. Its not hard to see why we have always done the hard work.  Always inspected and informed the client of exactly what we find. Do we lose clients to the smoke and magic that other firms sell … yes. But that’s a cost we are willing to absorb because nothing worth its salt comes from a snap of your finger.

If you discover ants, bees, mice or other pest in your home, contact EnviroPest Exterminator NY for immediate relief.  Our certified team is educated in the most advanced bed bug protocols and equipped with the state-of-the-art resources necessary for complete eradication of these pests.  You can also sign up online or call.  It’s exterminators NY trusts and we look forward to discussing your issue.