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Bed Bug Eggs – How Many Treatments?

Bed Bug Eggs

Overview Of Bed Bug Eggs

Identification and removal of bed bug eggs can be accomplished with the right tools and methods. This means working with a bed bug professional to eliminate them. Bed bug eggs are small, white, and about the size of the head of a pin. You can see them with the naked eye, but it is difficult. You will find it often requires the use of magnification and a flashlight when searching for eggs.

Bed bug eggs cannot be picked up with a vacuum as when they are laid they are sticky and attach to the surface. Most bed bug sprays will kill bed bug eggs on contact. But since they are easy to miss, a failure to kill bed bug eggs is usually the reason why 2 to 3 treatments are required before a population is properly removed from a home. See below for how many treatments are needed.

Remember these pests were all but forgotten for decades until they re-emerged a little over 15 years ago. Although we can understand the biology of these pests, the attempts to find new and innovative ways to eliminate bed bug life cycles from a home or business is ever changing.

How Many Treatments Do I Need To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Eggs

Here are a couple factors on why there are varying opinions to the number of services needed to completely eliminate these pesky bugs.

  1. How Bad The Bed Bug Infestation Is

Base on the thousands of applications, EnviroPest’s Bed Bug division has done over the years we have found that around 56% of infestations are eliminated on the first treatment. Female bed bugs lay up to five (5) eggs a day and the amount can exceed 400 eggs in a lifetime. Placed in small cracks or crevices around an area, if they find a blood meal they can create a ticking time-bomb. These eggs can take 6-10 days to hatch. You have multiple females laying eggs over an extended period of time and there is the “all at once” factor. The calls we receive involve either folks who have noticed issues but not completely aware of the infestation, or the “Oh no we’ve been overtaken!” group. Your best bet is to treat a few times to ensure you have eliminated the egg cycles even if you feel like they are all gone after the first time.

  1. How Well Did the Bed Bug Prep Get Done

When you clean, don’t transport items from room to room, and do the laundry and bedding consistently. Make sure any professional service you hire can take the time to get through the property. They should inspect all the right areas without worrying about re-infestation. Hitchhiking bed bug nymphs and eggs on clothing and other household items can be deceiving. Follow the instructions every time prior to receiving a treatment and check off everything on the list even if you feel it is unnecessary. It only takes one bed bug egg to start the process all over again.

  1. How Thorough Was the Treatment & What Materials Were Used

This goes to the quality of the pest control company, whether you’ve chosen bed bug heat treatments, steam treatments or to have materials applied. The time and effort spent using the proper materials and process is crucial to eliminating the adults, nymphs and the entire life cycle of this complicated bug.

How To Choose The Right Company

Taking these factors into account, EnviroPest has designed treatments based on our experience in handling these bed bug eggs. A lot of folks will claim to be “experts.” But, only experienced field operators and a true professional pest control company can guarantee 100% elimination. After thousands of bed bug treatments, we recommend two (2) mandatory treatments. Of course a third treatment may be recommended by the field tech. We guarantee our services for an extended period of time to ensure the issue is 100% resolved. That’s why charging per treatment or short guarantees just doesn’t make sense. There is no reason to reward poor treatment or technicians who use poor materials. Find someone who gives a guarantee and who gives you the right information to resolve the issue, not scare you into opening your wallet or purse.

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