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Treating Over 250,000 homes in Monroe and Surrounding Counties, EnviroPest is the leading provider of pest control for over 30 years.  Our clients from Pittsford to Lake Ave in Webster have made us Rochester’s choice in Pest Control and Pest Management throughout the years.  We pride ourselves on safe, organic-based, effective pest control Rochester families and business owners trust time and time again.

EnviroPest Is Rochester’s Pest Control Service Choice:

From the garbage plate place to the University of Rochester Medical Facility, EnviroPest has been behind all the services and products you experience in your daily life.  From Brighton to Irondequoit, being the largest locally owned company in Rochester means our reputation precedes us.  With our founders’ homes residing in Pittsford, NY and another growing up in Webster NY, its not only our customers homes we treat for pest control but our neighbors.

Rochester Is Not Known For Bedbugs:

The bedroom communities in Rochester’s Suburban areas continue to thrive and it seems that our transition from a Blue Chip City of Xerox and Kodak to a small business and highly educated entrepreneurial workforce has almost become complete.  We are noticing bedbug popping up from alot of work travel that people are doing throughout the country.  Protecting homes and businesses from bedbugs in our community and doing it in a safe manner brings with it a strong sense of pride.  Many Rochestarians contact us with questions and concerns and once they understand what and how we treate bedbugs in Rochester they begin to understand what we are all about.  Community safety, health and organic based solutions to ensure places like University of Rochester Medical Center as a client remains one of our crucial clients.

EnviroPest was built on Rochester Carpenter Ant Treatments:

Carpenter Ants throughout Pittsford, Fairport, Victor and on the east side of Rochester was one of the first services we provided in 1991.  Pest control in those days was spray the whole house and see how it goes.  We invented the quarterly injection based system, which targets the population source areas.  Specifically high moisture areas in and around the property which can be exposed wood during Webster NY winters.  Carpenter ants and the reproductive cycles that happen with this complex complete life cycle pest cause havoc on wood framed homes surrounded by trees.  Areas such as Canandaigua, NY and Irondequoit, NY can show us amazing views and what high tree’d areas can be like when landscaped to beauty.  But it can also bring Carpenter ants which will chew the wood in a home and eat it from the inside out.  Forcing us to replace door frames, window frames and even entire roofs because of the millions of dollars a year these ants cause to Rochester homes.

Potential Health and Financial Risks of Untreated Rochester Mice and Rat Pest Problem

Rodents in Rochester such as mice or rats will seek refuge during the cooler months.  Once the nights start to get cold.  They only need the area the size of a dime to fit into.  Once they have gotten into the home they will reproduce in the insulation and forage outside for food or water.  Once winter hits you will see them more often because the resources need to be gotten inside the house.  Rodents in Rochester reproduce on a 30-45 day cycle and typically have litters of 5-6 rodents during that timeframe.  When mice have multiple fertilized female inside a property its not unheard of for us to eliminate 100-200 rodents when a home owner has only seen signs of a few. Don’t chance it.  If you think you have a rodent issue in your home or business give us a call to find out more today!

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Thank you for the great work you guys did. I appreciate the extra effort that you made for me to keep the costs down. You have a lot of skill and a down-to-earth way when working with others!

J.N., Utica, NY