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Do Bed Bugs Fly? – 5 Fun Unknown Facts



We have a non-healthy relationship to bugs. Over the years we have worked with thousands of homes and businesses for bed bugs. There are some crazy stories you hear about bed bugs. Some true and some false. Do bed bugs fly? Here are a few fun facts about bed bugs that you probably haven’t heard:

Bed Bugs Saliva Contains Painkiller

Ever wonder why people don’t wake up when they get bit by bed bugs. It’s because their saliva contains anesthetic that soothes the bite sight. This allows them to bite hosts without waking them up and continue to get blood meals.

A Researcher Let 200,000 Bed Bugs Bite Her

A Scientist at Fraser University – Department of Biological Sciences has had over 200,000 bed bugs bites in the interest of science. Her continued study of biology and insects has made huge advancements in understanding these pests and ultimately how we approach treatment. Thanks but we will leave that to you Regina Gries.

Bed Bug Eggs Are Almost Invisible

When bed bugs lay their eggs, they can barely be seen to the naked eye. In fact, we have trouble even with a microscope. Imagine something just bigger than half the size of the tip of a pin. Now that’s small enough and we say bed bugs are almost invisible.

Bed Bugs Have Instincts and There Actually Kind of Smart

Although bed bugs can’t “think”, they do have instincts which allow them to stop them from getting caught. One instinct they use is to resist the food during the daylight in order to stop the potential of being spotted. Another way is that they link a blood meal to carbon dioxide. This can make it difficult to see or prepare a room for treatment because they are so good at hiding. They can smell the exhaled gas as we sleep and it draws them out from their homes.

Bed Bugs Can Resist Certain Pesticides

Researchers are finding examples all over the world of bed bugs resisting certain chemicals. They can develop this resistance through generations of reproductions and researchers are still trying to figure how this happens in isolated incidents. This can make a difference when you’re treating for bed bugs so be sure your pest control company understands this before you decide who you’re going to choose.

If Bed Bug Could Fly – We Could Get Rid Of Them

You can see we have a lot of facts about bed bugs and we have learned a lot over the years about how to handle any type of bed bug situation. We will continue to hear the question “Do bed bugs fly” and we will never stop informing and assisting people with their bed bugs problems.

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