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EnviroPest has been protecting local homes and families for over 30 years. Our friendly exterminators provide a variety of treatments including our all-natural tick control solutions that effectively deal with your pest issues. With tick populations getting larger year after year, we are seeing Lyme Disease increasing as well. Overwhelmed by the number of cases, the medical community has begun scrambling for a vaccine or cure.

Our Industry Leading Tick Extermination Method

We Start with a Thorough Investigation

Ticks can be an especially dangerous parasitic pest that spread diseases such as Lyme Disease. We will identify and treat problem nesting areas to eradicate the problem at the source. Ticks can be problematic with pets as well and can be brought into the house if not handled before the problem escalates.

Our Treatment Tool Chest

EnviroPest offers a variety of different treatments for tick extermination and will provide recommendations on which procedure is right for your pest situation.

We promise you a 100% tick-free yard after treatment, and we guarantee it! If you find that some of those pesky bugs managed to get past our initial assault, we will come back and make sure we treat your property again free of charge.

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Ticks - Ixodidae/Argasida

Ticks are a small parasitic bug which feed on small to medium size mammals and humans. Ticks can range in size from 2.7mm to 3.6mm. Ticks are vectors of a number of diseases, including Lyme disease, Q fever, Colorado tick fever, meningoecephalitis and anaplasmosis.

Tick Lifecycle

In North America we typically find 2 families of ticks, Ixodidae (hard shield) and Argasida (soft). Ticks have four life stages: egg, Larva, nymph, and adult. They feed on blood from medium to large mammals and humans. The entire life cycle of a tick takes at least one year to complete. Up to 3,000 eggs are laid on top of the ground. When the larvae emerge, they primarily feed on blood of small mammals and birds. After the tick has finished feeding they detach from their host and molt to become nymphs. During the nymph stage the tick will now start to feed on larder hosts and molt into an adult.

Tick Life Cycle

The most common ticks found in North America are the black-legged or deer tick, American Dog tick, and Brown Dog tick.

Health Implications of Ticks

Many of the diseases that ticks carry cause flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, and muscle aches. Symptoms may begin from 1 day to 3 weeks after the tick bite. Sometimes a rash or sore appears along with the flu-like symptoms. Common tick-borne diseases include:

  1. Lyme disease
  2. Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  3. Tularemia
  4. Ehrlichiosis
  5. Relapsing fever
  6. Colorado tick fever
  7. Babesiosis

It's fortunate that most ticks don't carry diseases, and most tick bites don't cause serious health problems. But, it is important to remove a tick as soon as you find it for safety. Removing the tick's body helps you avoid diseases that infected tick may pass on during feeding. Removing the tick's head helps prevent an infection in the skin where it bit you.

What to Look for When Hiring Tick Exterminators

  • The pest management company should be licensed by the state and insured.
  • Tick exterminators should be certified pest management professionals and fully licensed in the state.
  • The company should be a member of a professional organization, such as the National Pest Management Association.
  • The company should have a staff entomologist or access to one.
  • Technicians should have experience with ticks.
  • Choose a company based on their quality of service, not the price. Research user reviews and testimonials to solidify your choice.
  • A pre-inspection should be conducted to assess the scope of the work.
  • The proposed work should follow the steps of integrated pest management, not just pesticide application.

The EnviroPest Complete Guarantee

If at any time between services or your guarantee period, you as a customer of EnviroPest are not satisfied for any reason. We will readdress the area in question at no additional charge. We have serviced over 300,000 homes and businesses over 30 years, and our clients rely on us to stand behind the work we perform.

Our continuous inspection and treatment mean a 100% guarantee as long as you have us on the property.

Our service personnel has been trained and certified with over six (6) years of experience in the pest control field as specialists. We do not advocate or provide seasonal labor or “college kids” to provide applications in or around your family or home. Another reason we are the natural choice in pest control.


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How Does EnviroPest Specifically Handle Ticks?

EnviroPest is trained to manage ticks:

  • Inspection – We will inspect and treat the areas of infestation and the areas that are considered high-risk areas within a home. The more extensive and detailed the treatment, the more effective.
  • Prevention – Humidity should be reduced if possible in the high-risk areas and any building materials. Moisture should be removed from any site containing highly conductive areas that could create areas of harborage. We can help identify these areas with our clients as we guide through the property.
  • Guarantee – We are ready to check after some time on whether the problems have been resolved. However, you should also check trouble areas regularly considering this issue takes a while to occur and become visible; an excellent company should also guarantee it after treating the infestation.

Gain more knowledge about the growing tick problem in New York with these articles.

You can also use the onsite chat feature, Free Pest Inspection form on this page, or our online contact form to get in touch with us. Whatever your pest control need, we are happy to help you eliminate it.

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