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Buffalo Pest Control: EnviroPest has been providing safe and effective Buffalo Pest Control and Buffalo Pest Management to homes and businesses for over 30 years.  The Queen City has certainly been a challenge considering they have often topped the list of worst cities for bedbugs in the country.  Throughout the North towns and the South towns our pest service professionals have provided over 150,000 services in Erie County and the surrounding areas.

Buffalo Has EnviroPest History:

Over 30 years ago, EnviroPest has been providing areas such as Orchard Park and Amherst the highest quality pest management organic based solutions.  Buffalo during the 70’s and 80’s was a spray jockey paradise.  Pest control companies were forcing customers to leave their homes and business for 3-6 hours just for a treatment for ants.  There was a large need for a company that had its clients and safety in mind.  When we started in the Erie County Market, there was a large need for a safe and effective pest management company that guarantees their service.  Our founder and staff have made giving the people of Buffalo NY a pest solution where they could eliminate Carpenter Ants and 45 other types of pests without ever leaving their homes.  Treating with organic based products and even all-natural solutions our pest customers have made us the leading pest management provider in Buffalo and the Surrounding Towns.

Bedbugs In Buffalo and Niagara Falls:

As the leading Bedbug service company in Buffalo and Niagara Falls NY, we have been a crucial part of eliminating this dreaded biting insect form the headlines.  Buffalo and Niagara Falls was continually ranked one of the highest infested cities in PCT magazine.  For over 15 years we have service over 30,000 homes for bedbugs and Buffalo has slowly moved down the list.  With the tourism of Niagara Falls and the attraction of the Sporting Events that makes Buffalo a one of a kind city the hitching bedbug has been raising havoc for years.   We have treated the homes of Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills and even the facilities of Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls NY.   Our rich history with this city and all it brings gives us a strong sense of pride when we think about our part in pest control in Buffalo NY.

Buffalo NY Has Carpenter Ants, Especially West Seneca NY:

Carpenter Ants have a deep root in the Buffalo Area. It’s not a far stretch to understand that the way the homes were built in certain regions can contribute to carpenter ant infestations. Buffalo had spent decades peaking in the 80’s on the track of over insulating homes.  Over insulating homes contributes the opposite of a healthy home.  With ventilation and air flow allowing moisture to wick and disrupt the build up of high humidity it is the enemy of carpenter ants.  Buffalo and the surrounding homes were built and insulated to withstand the Buffalo winters.  With these over insulated homes came high moisture diffused into the wood and created the perfect environment for carpenter ants to thrive 12 months out of the year.

Potential Health and Financial Risks of Untreated Buffalo Mice and Rat Pest Problem

As all Buffalo NY residents know: the city has battled Rat infestations for years.  The combination of zoning in the older days  that combine residential, manufacturing and other commercial facilities create a situation where rodents can live and thrive.  Many buffalo and area homes such as Lackawanna and Tonawanda can turn from a residential area to and have a commercial facility within a half mile.  Its also no secret that a lot of these facilities (especially manufacturing) are not maintained or abandoned.  That’s when the rodents have run of the place.  Protecting your home or business from the constant influx of rats and mice can be something you need to do Quarterly, Every Other Month or Monthly.  We understand that one is too many of these and have serviced over 350,000 homes for that exact reason.   Give us a call to find out more today!

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