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At EnviroPest, we offer many programs but 90% of our services and clients have 25 of the basic pests and fit into one of our Five (5) Programs Below. Each of these programs and services have been designed specifically through Purdue University and Cornell Cooperative, two of the largest pest and entomology programs in the country.

EnviroPest Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

Pest control science is based on the application of the proper materials by the properly trained professional to source areas over a period of time. This leads to elimination of pests on all levels. By using a method known as “Integrated pest management” (IPM) we combine chemical treatments, cultural practices, and biological controls to manage pests to an acceptable level. Our goal is to monitor pest outbreaks before the populations get out of control. Using Cornell Cooperative Extension growing-degree data, we proactively monitor insect activity and target treatments precisely.

Our Programs (All Organic Based Programs)

  1. Annual Complete Solution (Most Popular)

    • Covers 25 pests for 12 months of coverage
    • Four (4) services per year scheduled every three months – all guaranteed
  2. Seasonal Exterior Solution

    • Covers 25 pests for 12 months of coverage on the exterior
    • Three (3) services per year scheduled every two months in Summer – all guaranteed
  3. Bed Bug Program

    • Includes two mandatory services (ask about financing)
    • Guaranteed for one full year
  4. Mosquito / Tick Add On

    • Can be added onto any program for as low as $39.99 per service
    • Monthly Mosquito & Tick control to all conducive areas May-September
  5. One Time Services (Specialized Pests)

    • We handle 46 different types of specialized pests. From carpet beetles to powder post beetles, our experience sets us apart from the competition on handling some infestations that others can’t even identify.
    • Contact us at 1.800.724.2102 for more info.

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Your technicians were so polite and considerate. They put covers over their boots and wore a mask the entire time. It was a pleasure to have them working in my house. They carefully explained what they would be doing, and when they finished, they explained what they had done. I would be happy to have them come again!


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