Bed Bug Bites Pictures: How Do They Look?

bed bugs bites pictures

Bed Bug Bites Pictures

Bed bugs are mainly active in the evening and at nighttime. They almost always bite people when they are fast asleep in bed or on a sofa. Bed bugs feed until they are engorged by piercing the skin and drawing the blood like a mosquito. They can take up to 10 minutes to finish a feeding. Surprisingly, although they can take almost 10 minutes to feed the biting process can go unnoticed. the bed bug biting processes starts painless but will eventually turn into itchy welts. Here are some signs and pictures of what bed bug bites look like and how you can tell if you’ve been bitten by bed bugs

Signs and Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites:

Common Symptoms of bed bug bites are inflammation and irritation. The symptoms will be based on the host sensitivity. Those who are hypersensitive will develop severe symptoms to the bites and demand medical attention. Even those who are not sensitive will have some level of discomfort including but not limited to:

    1. difficulty breathing
    2. blisters
    3. fever
    4. nausea or flu like symptoms
    5. heartbeat irregularity
    6. burning painful sensation
    7. hives surrounding the small red bumps
    8. red or reddish-brown staining on sheets or mattress from bed bug fecal matter
    9. small red bumps with a zigzag pattern
    10. itchy bumps with clear center
    11. raised or flat patches of inflamed skins or popular eruptions

You can see below the different reactions to bed bug bites and how they can effect people in different ways. These bed bug bites pictures show the different reactions to bed bug bites.

bed bug bite picturesbed bug bite pictures
bed bug bite pictures
bed bug bite pictures

Bed Bug Bites vs Flea Bites:

Unless someone has seen clear signs of bed bugs or an indication they may have been infested there is almost invariably the questions of whether these bites are from fleas.  Here are some comparisons to make when looking at the difference between flea bites and bed bug bites.

Difference #1 -Bite Location: Flea bites are mainly around the feet, ankles and legs. In comparison, bed bug bites will be anywhere on the body they can feed on exposed skin.
Difference #2 – Bite Visual: Flea Bites have a red spot in the center of the bite. Bed bugs do not have a red center.  This is due to the design of the elongated beak used for withdrawal.
Difference #3 – Bite Grouping:  Bed bug bites tend to be in clusters more often than flea bites. Look for groups of bites.

How to Treat Someone for Bed Bug Bites:

Of course contacting a doctor or physician is crucial to ruling out rash or allergic reaction to something other then bed bug bites.  Although most physicians will not be able to determine the exact source of the bit.  check out or inspection recommendations should you need to start the process of identifying bed bug bites.

  • check for fever or irregular heartbeat
  • use topical cream for anti-itch or Benadryl for inflammation or irritation
  • call doctor
  • monitor the bites for allergic reaction or infections

Is you feel you may have been bitten by a bed bug, don’t panic. Take the time to find out exactly what your dealing with and give us a call or contact to determine the next step.  There are things that can be done in the meantime to prepare for a treatment and alleviate your situation even before a bed bug pest control professional.

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