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Enviropest has been in the pest control business for over 30 years and all of our technicians have been field tested for over 6 years. This is why we’re a trusted resource for local and state agencies. Our bed bug specialists have provided presentations for state and local officials including the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Department of Housing Association. We have continued to be a resource to the community and continue to support the areas we have partnered with that have created our success.

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Bed Bugs Saratoga and Clifton Park NY:

As the largest bed bug pest control company in Saratoga, we have set the standard for safe bed bug control. From hotels to homes in the surrounding suburbs, we have seen it all. All of the reasons the area is adored can be the reason for the larger exposure to bed bug infestations. Colleges, sports teams and the tourism this area attracts create a large risk for the infestation of bed bugs. We are prepared to handle the needs for all the homes and businesses in this beautiful region.

EnviroPest is a Saratoga and Clifton Park bed bug specialist. Like you, many homeowners, landlords and business owners have come to us with bed bug issues. We pride ourselves in having handled over 300,000 pest control problems for customers over the years while remaining dedicated to our local community. Our staff and personal touch have made us the largest locally owned company.


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A Unique Area Like Saratoga Brings Carpenter Ants, Bees and Ticks:

Carpenter Ants

Saratoga is one of the most historic regions in the state. A unique blend of old town charm and country settings not only brings the seasons to life but also the bugs. Carpenter Ants, bees, mosquitoes and ticks are just a few of the pests we handle for the homes in these regions. Our passion for customer service comes from our passion to deliver the highest quality service that you can live with inside your home or business.


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Potential Health and Financial Risks Of Mice Problems:


Mice, rats, and their nests bring great risk to you as a homeowner and your family when they infest your home. Pest control is the first step to correcting the problem. Cleaning the hazardous mess they’ve left behind is the second step. Pest feces and carcasses can cause illness and disease. They can also attract and create an environment for further infestation by insects. Dangerous fluids can penetrate building materials and harmful toxins can be released into the air. Touching or simply disturbing the toxic waste can make things even worse. It’s not always something you can see. It helps to have an experienced mice exterminator take the time to go through your property and check for these risks.

We Get Rid Of Bee Problems As Well:

As the largest bee exterminator company in Saratoga we have covered carpenter bees, wasps, mud daubers, cicada killers and more for decades. Our staff is trained to target and eliminate while keeping your home, business and family safe. Effective bee control and exterior bee spray to prevent bees from entering your home. We provide same day service when your looking for a pest control company near me. We are the largest exterior bee pest control company in Saratoga and surrounding counties. Give us a call today to find out more. We can make you summer months more enjoyable and provide exterior solutions for your family.

Tick Protection Means Saying No To Lyme Disease:

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) states that almost 500,000 of treated cases of Lyme disease happen in the United States each year. The Saratoga and Capital Regions account for a large number of these cases. Tick pest control or tick exterminators such as EnviroPest can reduce if not eliminate your exposure to this significant disease. Our Yard Guard system incorporates only the best products with an increased frequency and can be added to any of our existing programs. Protect your family and friends this summer with a proven tick extermination plan customized for your home and property.

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