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Your Pest Control Questions Answered

Safety / Product Related FAQs

Are EnviroPest treatments safe for my family and my pet’s health?

YES! Our treatments are in no way harmful to the health of anyone in your dwelling. Treatments eliminate your pest-specific problems without any harmful side effects to you or your pet’s health. All our staff has over five years of experience, and we focus on 98% of our treatments on homes, families, pets, etc. If you have any further questions, please contact your local office; they will be glad to assist you.

What are the products that you use?

All our products are either all-natural products or carbon-based organic products that are rated safe to use in homes and schools. We have a variety of products that we can use. Although each pest’s biology has been the same for thousands of years, each property and situation is slightly different. Your technician can review this when he is on-site before treatment.

Do I have to leave my home for service?

For 98% of our pest treatments, you do not have to leave your home. EnviroPest applications are focused on the source of the infestation. Many companies that ask to have customers leave their homes will spray baseboards and the inside walls but never truly get to the source inside. This spray tactic is a method to get temporary results but never eliminates the infestation from your home. We want to get rid of all the pests, including the eggs or reproductive cycles. On applications for small biting insects, we will require the homeowner to leave. Specifically for Bed Bugs, Mites and Fleas.

Are over-the-counter products safer to use?

Like anything under your sink, the directions are important. Quite often, people will over-apply or apply materials to the wrong locations, which will expose families or pets to harmful products. Just because you can purchase it at the store does not make it safe to apply to the kitchen counter before preparing a meal. In many cases, spraying can make the problem worse or more challenging to resolve. Pests are creatures of pheromones and habits, and these can often change when over-the-counter sprays and products are used inside a home. Driving pests into areas, they may not likely be. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to ensure your and your family’s safety.

I sprayed myself – why do they keep coming back?

Most customers try products from Home Depot or Amazon before contacting us. Most of these products claim to be guaranteed, but they are specifically just adulticides. These types of products are designed to “kill” on contact. For this reason, you may see short-term results, but they just come back again. Our processes, training, and products eliminate the adults and the reproductive cycles associated with each pest. Having a professional handle your pest problem can help avoid exposure to unknown chemicals and save money on products that don’t work.

Will you use plant-based all-natural products?

There can be advantages and disadvantages to these products. They are safe and effective in certain situations, but often, they are overused and misapplied. One disadvantage to these types of products is that they have a large odor associated with them and can often cause side effects such as headaches in people sensitive to fragrances. We recommend a professional apply these products to ensure you are getting results and not over-applying.

Will your treatments impact other wildlife that feed on our pests?

We know that our community cares about the wildlife in the area – we do too. Hawks, owls and other wildlife that feed on pests that are not so great to have in your home are a beautiful part of our region. That’s why we use products that do not cause secondary poisoning – anything that catches or feeds on a treated pest (like a rodent) will not get ill from our treatment.

Service Related FAQs

How do I schedule a service?

Although your services will be pre-scheduled, you may have additional service needs. There are five ways to schedule your service with us:

Online Booking: Visit our site and click the client login on the top right. You can access your portal here. The username is your account email address, and new customers may need to set up a password for access. Look for the calendar icon to book a service, and you will also see other information, such as work orders, upcoming appointments, and more. Please note when booking online, you will receive a notification confirming at a later date after scheduled department reviews.
Chat With Us: We are usually available on the website; look for the chat icon, and we will be happy to help.
Contact Tech: Your dedicated technician is available by text or phone. You should receive a business card that will allow you to contact your technician directly. This information will also be on your notifications and our door hangers.
Text us at (850) 990-3585. If you leave a message, it will be received and processed in the afternoon.
Tele-Scheduling at (800) 724-2102 and press 2. Advise on your availability, and we will confirm with you shortly.

Why do I need a program?

We can often determine the needs of the history of the property and the type of pest. We would not always require a program, but we only present solutions that will eliminate the issue. Working with Cornell Cooperative Extension, we have designed our treatment processes to eradicate pests’ entire infestation. Each frequency and program is specifically designed to target and prevent source areas within and around the property. According to Cornell and Purdue University sources, complete pest management is eliminating reproductive sources inside your home or business. Complete eradication is done by keeping active materials throughout the life cycle of the pests. All our programs and presentations for service are based on the biology of the target pest. One example of this type of process is Carpenter Ants. The eggs be laid by the queen today can take up to 9 months to hatch. If products applied today are not active beyond that point, you will have them back the next spring.

How long will a treatment last?

Of course, this differs from pests and products, but most products have a 3-5 month active cycle. Things like moisture, UV light, and other factors can breakdown the active ingredient in most materials. Depending on the location and the type, we often state 60-90 days as a standard. Companies that spray once and tell you you’re good for the year with reoccurring pests like Bees leave your property unprotected during the summer months. For this reason, we regularly treat before populations resurge or someone gets stung.

How many services do I get?

TIME-BASED AGREEMENTS: All our packages include regularly scheduled services designed for optimum treatment based on biology. EnviroPest does not explicitly state, imply or make claims regarding the number of services. The signing party agrees to notify EnviroPest if there is any need for required services. The signing party also agrees to notify EnviroPest of any change in the information on this agreement, including but not limited to phone numbers, emails, or important site information. Non-access contact information changes or requests from any party besides the listed customer on this agreement will not constitute an agreement breach. EnviroPest will not extend, supplement, or credit customers for non-usage of their services.

How cold is too cold for an application?

90% of the materials we use can be applied in any dry weather over 40 degrees, and it will be just as useful as 80 degrees. In cold weather, pests will crawl into any outdoor wall interruptions such as window casing. This can make cooler weather applications just if not more effective to prevent problems from entering and finding harborage during the inclement weather.

Can you treat my home if it is raining? Is it effective?

When providing outdoor treatments for pests, the material must dry. Depending on the weather, it can take between 5-45 minutes to dry on a home. As long as there isn’t active rain during this process, the material will be sufficient. The product would have the same effect as if it was applied in cooler overcast or the hot sun. We take each exterior service into account on-site, and it is essential to note that you are always covered with us if you have any needs. We will return anytime you feel you need additional work performed.

Do you treat the outside in the cooler months?

We have interior and exterior service packages. Most of our clients are covered for interior services as well as exterior. Often pests will find areas inside the home that need attention. We will handle any need you may have in any weather situation as part of our guarantee. If we feel there is a need to treat your home’s exterior during the winter months, we will bring this to your attention. There are options available to us if we feel your home is uncontrollable from exclusively treating your interior during the winter. Plugging possible entry points and treating non-moisture retaining sections of your home are a few options.

How do you know what to do if I am not on-site?

We have digital access to all the history on the property and any special notes associated with each account. Our staff has the experience and expertise to identify and handle any needs you may have.

Do I have to be there for the service?

Depending on the type of service, this may be a requirement. Interior work will require us to enter the property, so that we will need access to the account. Initial (new) clients should be present to ensure we can answer any questions unless otherwise agreed upon before service. Exterior treatments, in most cases, do not need someone to be at the property, and if you are not home, we will treat the exterior, and you will receive an electronic work order.

Why do I see more activity after treatments? Shouldn’t I see less?

Our treatments initiate changes in pest biology. This includes things like foraging or regurgitating products to the developing young. The activity in your home must increase to decrease. Your pests must be in motion for our material to be useful. More movement, like lower activity, can often mean our treatments are working correctly. Any change in activity can be associated with a difference in the biology of the pest “regular” cycles, and often materials are designed for transfer effect to increase the elimination process. Patience is often rewarded for a few weeks after treatment for many pests. Contact us if you have any further questions regarding this.

Do you provide services to my city or town?

We can provide pest control services to most homes and businesses in upstate New York. From Saratoga to Niagara Falls, we provide homeowners with safe, effective pest control solutions. Check here for a complete list of our service areas.

Account Management FAQs

How will I receive my work orders?

Our digital system will email you work orders upon completion. If there is a billing associated with this work order, you will receive an invoice within 48 hours, typically after completing your service. All our invoices are processed digitally to the email address on file. If your account is outstanding, you may receive a paper invoice once a month.

How do I pay my outstanding bill?

You can log in to your account to access all your outstanding invoices and work orders associated with each property. The link is on the top right of this page. To access your account, you will need access to the email address linked to your account. This email address is the username access to your account. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Once you process your payment, you will receive a receipt confirmation to your email address. For further questions, please email [email protected].

How will I get notified of my appointment?

Unless you have already confirmed an appointment, our system will notify you the day before your appointment. Your notification will include the day, the assigned technician, and their contact information. Notifications are sent both by text messages (mobile numbers) and email to the file’s contact information. You can reply to the text to reschedule or to confirm your appointment. You can also change your appointment day by logging into your portal and scheduling an online meeting. You can contact your technician by text, call, or email to get or lock a specific time to confirm a time. You can also chat with us 7 AM-7 PM to find out, send your technician a message, or handle any needs on your account.

My notification didn’t have an appointment time – How do I know when you are coming?

Once you receive the notification of your day, you will receive your technician’s contact number. You can contact your technician by text, call, or email to get or lock a specific time to confirm a time.

Can I request a specific day or time?

You can put a note on your account for a specific day or time. Ex: “only afternoon” or” “weekend please” These will be picked up by your service professional, and they will make the accommodations. We can’t always guarantee your appointment will be scheduled for the specific note. Still, we provide any service anytime, such as interior follow-ups, or you can contact your technician or chat with us anytime to place any specific requests.

What’s the best way to contact you for Service Related Questions?

Contacting your dedicated technician is the best way to get a site or activity-related answers. You can find this information on your work orders, renewal forms, or notifications with their specific mobile contact number or email. DON’T WORRY ABOUT BOTHERING US. WE DON’T MIND RECEIVING TEXT MESSAGES AT ALL TIMES. We prefer text messages, but a call or email is also excellent.

What’s the best way to contact you for Billing Related questions?

95% of our clients are program and annual clients, so we often do not have many billing-related questions. If you have a problem, the best way to handle it would be to email or chat with us and get your answer. Do not worry if you don’t receive a response right away. Our billing department will always process your requests before replying. Our billing email address is billing

What’s the best way to contact you for General questions?

All general inquiries, non-customer or business solicitations should be emailed to [email protected].

What is the Pay Plan customer policy?

Payment(s) are due at the time of the next treatment or thirty (30) days, whichever first, for the warranty to continue. You will be charged the amount indicated each billing period. A receipt for each payment will be provided to you, and the charge will appear on your Credit Card Account Statement. You agree that no prior notification will be provided after 30 days or the amount changes, in which case you will receive notice from us at least ten (10) days before the payment is collected.


You can also use the onsite chat feature, Free Pest Inspection form on this page, or our online contact form to contact us. Whatever your pest control need, we are happy to help you eliminate it.

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The EnviroPest representative was very friendly and professional. He stayed in our home long enough to be sure the pests were dead, and he explained the process along the way. We would definitely recommend EnviroPest!


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