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EnviroPest is the top Pest Control Specialist in Syracuse and surrounding areas.  Servicing homes and businesses in Syracuse since 1991, our commitment to the Central New York Region has some deep roots.  From Baldwinsville to Fayetteville we have handled pest problems from all over the Onondaga and surrounding regions.

Our Syracuse History:

For almost 30 years our staff have been the leading source for pest control and pest management throughout Central NY.  From bee and wasp control on Skaneateles Lake to our facility pest management program at Turning Stone Casino, we have been big advocates of organic and all-natural solutions in this region.  As a family based company who reside in Liverpool NY, we have roots in this area and a passion for The Salt City.  The largest locally owned company in Syracuse dedicated to a safe and effective pest control solution is something we have been proud of.  Of course as the fall ends and basketball season begins we also can’t help but bleed a little ‘Cuse orange.

Bedbugs In Syracuse Historic Hotel:

We have treated for Bed Bugs throughout Central New York.  From a B&B in Cazenovia to Syracuse’s Newest Historic Hotel downtown, it seems no one is immune to these disruptive pests.  We have dedicated entire crews in Syracuse to the elimination of bedbugs and fought back against these pests.  Transported from even the boutique hotels and Air BNBs in Auburn NY, we have noticed that Syracuse’s vibrant tourism and penchant for higher education dormitories has allowed bedbugs to flourish over the last decade.  Our dedicated branch and staff can find a safe and effective way to guarantee bedbug treatments without breaking the bank.  We are committed to our customers and to the health and safety or the region where we live.

Carpenter Ants Come From Large Established Trees in Syracuse Region (Fayetteville / Manlius):

Anyone who has driven through these great towns in Syracuse regions will admire the great and vast trees that surround the roads and homes.  Carpenter Ants use these trees to create a colony from other colonies.  They come from large established trees such as Maples or Spruce trees which are prevalent throughout Onondaga county.  Once they have established in a home they will continue to colonize the structure and create a mature colony.  Areas like Clay, Baldwinsville, Manlius and all the great towns in the central New York regions and are especially conducive for carpenter ant infestations.  These large black ants have plagued Syracuse and the surrounding towns for years.  We have the best solution for these pests.  Partnered with Cornell Cooperative we have established the most successful treatment plan in the State of new York for pest management of carpenter ants.

Potential Health and Financial Risks of Untreated Mice and Rat Pest Problems

The especially varying seasons throughout the area can be the perfect storm for rodent infestations.  Spending the summer months outside and the cooler months inside, mice in Syracuse & surrounding will live in the walls of homes or businesses.  They will make a nesting site and continue to populate by breeding in the walls themselves.  Not until we see them running across the kitchen counter do we usually realize there is a problem.  At this point, your best bet is to call EnviroPest.  With over 30 years experience with treating rodents we have the ability to eliminate over 300-500 rodents in a 90 day cycle with our Syracuse NY pest control rodent management program.  Give us a call to find out more today!

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