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EnviroPest has been protecting homes and families for over 30 years with a focus on safe, sound pest control and extermination solutions. Our professionals offer a complete list of programs including our all-natural treatments that effectively address your pest problems without displacing you and your family from the comforts of your home.

In fact, EnviroPest pest exterminators do not use treatments that rely on spraying or fogging where residents have exposure to airborne materials.

Pest Exterminators’ Complete Solutions

Generally, the treatment of Carpenter Ants is an episodic program meant to break up the reproduction cycles of the nesting within a wall system. Even though you may thoroughly treat wall systems or eliminate all reproductive and worker ants within a particular nesting area, thousands of eggs (larva) can lay dormant for up to 10 months. With that in mind, we have set up a program that serves in the purpose of total elimination, rather than just putting a band aid over the situation. We set you up on 4 services that span over the course of a year, to guarantee that we are addressing the issue through all duration of possible reproduction.

The duration between services is 3 months. The reasoning behind spacing them out that way, is that the products used to eliminate your problem tend to break down and become ineffective at the 90 day period. The cost of carpenter ant treatments is definitely a little higher in scale. When you take on a program of this cost, you are immediately upgraded to a Complete Solutions Program customer. That means, we will address any pest control issues that you may have with the exception of termites, powder post beetles, and honeybees. A great value for the dollar.

General Pest Solutions

If you are dealing with occasional invaders, or seasonal pests that are causing problems on the interior or exterior of your home, this program may be for you. General Pest programs cover an ultra-wide variety of different pests that you may be dealing with. Some great examples of pests covered (but not limited to) are spiders, flies, box elder bugs, beetles, drain moths, Indian Meal moths, silverfish, mites, etc. We know how infuriating it is to deal with that “little flock of bugs,” that you are seeing in or around your home. We can guarantee that we have the solution for you. Our pest exterminators will customize your package to fit the pest you are dealing with.

Bee and Wasp Programs

These programs are generally covered under the Complete Exterior Solutions Program, but can be scaled back to cover our little stinging friends only. Generally, bee and wasp programs are set up to tackle what you are dealing with now, as well as preventing this from happening in the first place. We deal with everything from wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers, and carpenter bees. Occasionally, you may deal with something a tad more aggressive like ground bees, or bald face hornets. Whatever the scenario, we can help! We pride ourselves in total elimination of your problem.

Complete Exterior Solutions Program

Are generally set up every other month for the duration of the spring/summer season. Most customers take on these packages due to bee/wasp problems. Fortunately, can treat for up to 35 different outdoor pests with the materials we use. The services are set up on an every other month basis due to the fact that the materials we use, tend to break down around the 60-75 day range. We can arrange the services however the customer wants us to! The program is extremely effective if started in April or May, but can also be very effective at eradicating yellow jacket activity in months after June!

Mice / Rodent Program

Very effective system of elimination! An initial service where baiting equipment is being installed, is only one part of the initial service cost. You also receive a 10 to 14 day follow-up to identify possible entry points, and re-bait stations that are active. We highly recommend an every other month system to break up reproduction cycles. The products we use force the mice or rats outside. As they forage for a source of water where they will expire. The ultimate goal is to seal off entry points after we feel your home is rodent free. This is a very effective program, if you take the amount of services needed to solve the problem.

Preventative Pest Protection Program

For many families in our area, pest control will be present a problem around a home year after year. This is why we offer residential preventative exterminating service plans with full protection against common reoccurring pests. These plans offer pre-scheduled servicing and peace of mind in maintaining a pest free home, all year round.

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  • Save money knowing you are covered from multiple pests all year long.
  • Budget Friendly payment options
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