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We have been rated the #1 Exterminator Canandaigua has. And not only have we been serving the local community for over 30 years, but our staff lives and works in the area. We have always enjoyed servicing our clients needs for the following pests:

Ants, Box Elders, Yellow Jackets, General Ants, Pavement Ants, Indian Meal Moths, Mice, Rats, Ear Wigs, Spiders, Wasps, Powder Post Beetles, Rodents, Bees, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mosquitoes & Tick Control, Carpenter Ants, Carpet Beetles, Moth, Centipedes, Millipedes, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, AND MORE.

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We offer the highest level service and specialize in serving our clients in a safe and effective way. Our company has been committed to creating a healthy living environment for homes and businesses in the area. We are proud to have built a resume in providing services for local landmarks and cornerstones including:

Bee Exterminator In Canandaigua

Bees have always been a staple of Canandaigua Exterminators. Attracted to all things summer, the lake and a sweet drink always seem to bring these pesky party spoilers around. Our goals have always been to provide regular maintenance to the exterior on a every other month program to ensure these pests are handled before there is an issue. Many of our clients are allergic to pest or just enjoy spending time outside of their home or business without getting infested with bees. We respond same day and make your home a priority. We understand that many exterminators promise the best materials but we are the most pet friendly and provide a safe and effective treatment.

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Ant Exterminator

There are over 17 species of ants that can invade your home or business in the area. We have seen it all. The most prevalent and about 80% of our ant calls are for Carpenter Ants. Please don’t hesitate to call us to find out what type of ants your dealing with and we can help identify and eliminate any variety. It’s important to note that not all ants are the same. Treatment methods must be different for the different types of ants. For example the Pharaoh ants will actually increase in population if sprayed. Likewise, Carpenter Ants will pick up their colony and move to a different (usually harder) location if treated improperly. Most of companies will just spray the walls and electrical outlets. Unfortunately, this only  prevent people from seeing them. Exposing pets and family members to chemical and in reality they are still in the walls.

Check out the below for a Carpenter Ants guide to removal:

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  1. Find indoor nesting site (known as wall voids) and track ants to the nesting location. Use a drill to access the area where the nesting sites are.
  2. Make drill holes a on either side of where the ants are going into the wall. Be sure to cover the nesting site and the other locations around the nesting site.
  3. Use an insecticide dust, aerosol, or foam treatment around all of the holes and any other possible openings the ants could use.
  4. Do not use liquid insecticide on an indoor ant nest. And be sure that you keep children and pets away from wall void treatments.

Carpenter Ants in Canandaigua will nest in moisture diffused wood. To clarify, including but not limited to Window Frames, Door Frames, Roofing. Also other areas that can have water intrusion at any level. Look for exterior wall interruptions and PLEASE DON’T NOT SPRAY THEM WITH OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCT. This just makes it more difficult to treat without a comprehensive plan.

Cockroach Exterminator

Canandaigua can have a large influx of cockroaches year after year. As a growing community, many people are moving in and out of homes and apartments. Cardboard boxes, electronics and any personal item can carrying cockroach eggs. The female will lay eggs every 30 days with 50-100 eggs every 30 days. These egg capsules will take up to 60 days to hatch.  that means she can lay these egg capsules all over. The result is that a lot of these eggs hatch and the populations will rocket in a very short time.

Quick Facts About Cockroaches:

    1. Females Can Lay Eggs Every 7-14 Days, so the populations can spike very quickly
    2. Cockroaches are territorial, meaning the more places you see them the more there are
    3. Cockroaches have been known to eat peoples eyebrows (protein) at night while sleeping

Rodent Control In Canandaigua

mouse needing to be removed in Canandaigua NY

As a Canandaigua Exterminator we are finding  many people are unaware they have mice or rats. Any home near a water source or farmland or field is susceptible, so basically all of Ontario County. Rodent feces and infestations can cause health issues including respiratory illness. Childhood asthma and other harmful effects are proven to come from these feces. All homes should be protected with a rodent control solution. Our program is set up to eliminate a large amount of rodents from a home or business. It is crucial to get rid of the populations before sealing up the property. This is because rodents are habitual so if you stop them from getting out you most likely will start seeing them all over the inside of your home.

Our Mice and Rat Program is designed to protect the eliminate populations without odors and rodents dying in the walls. Contact us to find out more.

Bed Bug Exterminator

As we stated before, cockroaches and bed bugs can get into your home or business by hitching their way in. Once inside they can be very difficult to eliminate. Consequently, we guarantee our bed bug service for One or two years and never less. Many companies will create short guarantees or charge by room which ends up costing more in the end. We charge one rate and guarantee it no matter what has to be done.

The Pest Exterminator Canandaigua Calls!

The seasons in Canandaigua are arguably the best in the state, and we understand that different times bring different pests. That’s why all our programs cover all types of pests. We don’t just walk by or try and up charge customers, we just take care of it. Ask us about our Exterior Solutions Program or our Complete Annual Interior Package.

As part of our give back to the community program we provide services to the local non-profits that we feel are an integral part of the community. Some of the organizations include the: Happy Tails | Ontario Humane Society, Light Hill Home, and more.

The Exterminator Canandaigua NY Calls | Call Today! (585) 924-3023

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6560 Anthony Drive | Victor, NY 14564

Victor / Canandaigua Office – *Available 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

Canandaigua Spider Exterminators

Canandaigua is all about the water and the great fun and community surrounding it. One of the biggest pests and treatment we do is our exterior spider control program that works in conjunction with our exterior solutions program. Spider populations are over 400% higher around lake properties due to humidity and protecting the outside of a home will stop the year round issues that occur. Ask us about our spider control.

If you discover ants, bees, mice, pillbugs or other pest in your home, contact EnviroPest Exterminators for immediate relief. You can also sign up online by clicking this sign up page and following the directions. Once submitted you will be scheduled for a service and receive contact from your technician. Our Canandaigua Branch works directly in coordination with our Rochester branch staff and associates. There is a reason we are the preferred exterminator Canandaigua believes in!