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Mice Droppings Can Cause Respiratory Health Issues

Mice Droppings Respiratory Health

A Look At Respiratory Health Effects Of Pests In Our Homes

Mice Droppings Respiratory Health And The Effects Of Dust Mites

Allergens are all around us. You have probably heard the saying “your indoor air quality is worse than the outside air quality”. This is due to your home being closed up which leads to air pollution becoming trapped inside. Because of this, mice droppings have been tied to respiratory health. Many times I go into homes where people are sick all year-round, especially the winter months and they want me to figure out what is making them sick.

Many people who have these issues find it very hard to come to any conclusions when dealing with any health or breathing related illnesses. Diagnoses like childhood asthma and shortness of breath are hard to pinpoint for many doctors. One reason these issues are hard to narrow down is that often times people will get better once they leave the home or living situation and check into a hospital, then it comes back once they in the home. It can also be tough because the results of indoor air quality can take a while to develop into an illness and be gradual in it’s onset.

Here are a couple of pests we find are causing indoor air health related illnesses that some people are overlooking:

Dust Mites

The most common is dust and dust mites. We are all busy and we know that we ignore certain things that seem less important than others. Cleaning happens to be one of them. Most people will try to keep up with what they see, but ignore those areas that they do not see or fail to see on a regular basis. The expression is after all, “out of sight, out of mind”, right? Dust mites live in dust that accumulates in your home. Those areas under furniture, in the corners or behind the cabinets are the most common areas. They not only live here, but they go to the bathroom there. Then, when you move around, the dust gets into the air where you breathe it in. Not too nice to think about now, is it? Best way to diagnose dust mites is to use glue board around the home.


Another problem we run into frequently is rodent waste. Most people that have rodent activity inside their home do not even realize it, the most common rodent being mice. They get into the home looking for food and shelter. The mice are not very easy to see but the signs are evident. The easiest way to tell if you have mice is to look for feces in the rim joist or above basement ceilings. These are the most common areas. Viruses and bacteria feed on the feces. When it becomes dry, it gets airborne and we all know what that means. Mice droppings respiratory health is a a real issue now. You are breathing in all the viruses and bacteria that have been feeding in the rodent feces. Yummy to think about, isn’t it?

If you are unsure if there is a problem in your home, it is best to contact a pest professional that is trained to find these pollutants. If you or anyone in your household are getting sick frequently, there may be a source you are not seeing.

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