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Carpenter Ant Pest Control In The Winter?

Carpenter Ant Pest Control

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Carpenter Ants In The Winter? It seems odd to think about treating insects during the months when we typically yearn for outside barbecues and wearing a pair of shorts. Rochester has a carpenter ant pest control issue, especially in the suburbs. Source after source, including Cornell Cooperative Extension and Purdue University, will continue to claim that the best way to eliminate carpet ant colonies is to follow an injection based system with continued frequency throughout their reproductive lifespan.

Throughout the winter months, carpenter ant colonies remain active and workers continue to forage for food and water. Queens continue to lay eggs and over winter larvae begin pupating. Carpenter Ants will continue to eat away at your home or property, even during the cooler months. The pause in reproduction and activity observed in indoor colonies is clearly much shorter than that of outdoor colonies. This means that home infestations are growing faster and doing more damage in less time than is been suspected.

Colonies under simulated home-infestation conditions remain at a lower level until the month of January when the next growth stage (eggs and larvae) appears. Shortening the inactive period means carpenter ant nests are growing faster.

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Winter nests contained up to 500 winged females and up to 8,000 larvae. This represents an enormous potential for Carpenter Ant colony growth leading to further infestations and more damage. Consequently, treatment in the winter or early spring can avert a colony growth and the dispersal of fertilized females over the property.

Fact: Carpenter Ants lose a lot of weight, using up to half their fat and sugar reserves, from November to April, making some very hungry ants in the early winter. The ability of these colonies to survive in freezing temperatures remains one of their strongest survival tactics. To understand the persistence of colonies in homes, think how much more comfortable it would be inside a well-insulated building as opposed to in your backyard.

EnviroPest has been treating and eliminating carpenter ant colonies as the leader in elimination from residential properties for over 30 years.

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