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Need A Bed Bug Exterminator? Choose A Large, Local Company


Why Size And Location Matters When Calling A Bed Bug Exterminator

There a lot of different companies out there that take care of Bed Bug Pest Control. Some are good at exterior spray; some are good at restaurants. One of the reasons we will always suggest going with a larger locally owned company is because they are quite often residential based companies.

Here are the 3 types of companies and why you should choose a large local company. The process of choosing the right one for you is important, and we want you to know what you are seeing when searching for “best bed bug exterminator near me.”

National Pest Control Companies | Don’t Really Care

The reason for this is that national firms tend to prefer commercial service. This is because they are large enough to bid on large national and regional commercial clients. One example would be all the Applebee’s in the United States. These firms tend to think of residential customers (such as those with bed bug issues) as a short-term client that fills our technicians time. One other issue with national firms is that they are revolving doors for technicians. They will often bring in new staff and have them on the road as fast as possible. If business slows, they have no problem layoff or firing. Many Orkin bed bug treatment or Terminix technicians will go between the 3 or 4 companies on a regular basis or year after year. This creates no consistency and no real company value. What’s left is a lot of shortcuts and improper bed bug treatments.

Smaller Local Companies | Not Big Enough

Although these firms tend to have low turnover, and some really care about clients, there are some limiting factors. One is they are too small to carry on-going education or learn about new product or equipment. This can often leave their service years behind. Another reason is they are limited in their accessibility or funds to secure the proper products or equipment and are more prone to cutting corners. They can also have limited insurance and resources in the case there is a on-going problem and can go out of business any day leaving the customers stranded with a worthless bed bug service guarantee. These guys are known in the bed bug industry as “spray jockeys.” They just end up spraying everything with the same product.

Large Local Company | Bed Bug Exterminator

These operations tend to be in line with the highest end customer service. There are enough clients to keep them honest, drive innovation but not go to your home after visiting a 50,000 square foot manufacturing plant. Large local companies tend to develop their staff like they develop their customer base. Taking care of them with benefits and programs but getting to know them personally and creating a relationship like a family. You’ll find success rates will give large local companies provide the most effective bed bug treatment.


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