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Whether it’s the properties downtown or along the lake, EnviroPest has been servicing Canandaigua for over 30 years. We are the pest control service that rates #1 year after year. Check out our credentials. Our staff have handled over 75,000 professional applications for mice, bees, carpenter ants and over 40 other types of pests in the heart of the Finger Lakes. Of course, anyone who has been south of Rochester for the last 40 years has seen a lot of changes to the area.

We remember when Canandaigua used to be a little secret and visiting Kershaw Park and grabbing some ice cream was a summer treat. You know, when Roseland Bowl was across the street from the park. Now the development and the changes to the lake and the housing in this area has turned it into a destination for not only people from the state but from all over the country. We have changed as well, and in a good way. Our service is still personable, but we have taken measure to keep our prices affordable but using the best in the industry. With over 25,000 home treatments performed in Canandaigua over the last 30 years, we can say we have seen it all. Here’s just some of the pest we take care of.

Ants, Box Elders, Yellow Jackets, General Ants, Pavement Ants, Indian Meal Moths, Mice, Rats, Rodents, Bees, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Carpenter Ants, Carpet Beetles, Moth, Centipedes, Millipedes, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, Ear Wigs, Spiders, Wasps, Powder Post Beetles AND MORE.

Bee Pest Control In Canandaigua

Canandaigua has always had a ton of bee issues throughout the years. Something about the way the topography and the country setting around the city and the lake and we have been the go-to exterior solutions company. Treating homes on a regular basis for one price. We don’t wait until you have an issue to call, we proactively come out and treat the property before you get ready to spend your weekends in this amazing summer spot, whether it’s lake properties where people aren’t always there or it’s folks getting ready for a summer barbecue. Canandaigua is the place to be for the summer and we understand your needs in keeping all types of bees and wasps off your property all summer long.  Guaranteed!

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Ant Pest Control

Carpenter Ants find their way into moisture diffused wood and start the process of chewing that wood to make a nesting site. Naturally these locations tend to be window frames, door frames, and any exterior wall interruption. The byproduct known as frass can look like cotton they will quickly start the process of destroying your home. Although they come in different sizes, they are easy to identify because of their segmented body containing three parts. Remember there is also a winged reproductive carpenter ant Central NY has to deal with so be on the lookout.

Check out the below quick to Carpenter Ants guide to removal:

Carpenter ant needing extermination in Canandaigua

  1. Find indoor nesting site (known as wall voids) and track ants to the nesting location. Use a drill to access the area where the nesting sites are.
  2. Make drill holes a on either side of where the ants are going into the wall. Be sure to cover the nesting site and the other locations around the nesting site.
  3. Use an insecticide dust, aerosol, or foam treatment around all of the holes and any other possible openings the ants could use.
  4. Do not use liquid insecticide on an indoor ant nest. And be sure that you keep children and pets away from wall void treatments.

We have been specializing in Carpenter Ant elimination for over 30 years. Carpenter Ants can be a difficult pest to eliminate do to the complex nature of their biology and habits. Understanding the biology of both the pest and the home is something we do every service as we begin the process of elimination. We are very clear that very often you will need regular frequency so the thousands of ants that can live in the colonies in the walls and outside the home.

Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to eliminate once they get into a home or business. The cockroach has been known to live even after being completely frozen or drowned for hours. The resiliency of these pests is what’s allowed them to thrive in all types of environments including our local establishments and homes. As the pest control service your neighbors trust, we have seen it all when it comes to Canandaigua cockroaches and you can be assured you’re getting the highest quality elimination process to make sure we are tackling the eggs and all stages of the life development of cockroaches. It’s important to spend the time to go through the process with cockroaches and use a variety of materials and treatment methods. Cockroaches have been known to become resistant to Pyrethroids and other types of insecticides so we use a rotation of products and treat on a regular frequency.

Rodent Control

mice pest control service with satisfaction guarantee

All types of rodents have been known to infest homes and businesses throughout the Finger Lakes regions. As a rodent control company, we are finding that many people are unaware or keep getting reinfested every year. Any home near a water source, farmland or field is susceptible, so basically all of Ontario County. Rodent feces and infestations can cause health issues including respiratory illness, childhood asthma and other harmful effects to your family. Take the time to not only find out where they are coming into the home but also be sure to eliminate the population from your home as they will always just find another route. Sealing a property is not always effective and can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Let us handle everything as the local rodent control experts near you.

Bed Bug Pest Control

The bed bug resurgence has taken the are by storm. With the tourism and the renting of a lot of properties over the last decade we have seen a large increase in bed bugs in Canandaigua. Properties like Air BNB’s and hotels are the area that bed bugs often transfer. One get into your home and the next thing you realize is a few weeks later your getting bit. Bed bugs can be a difficult pest to eliminate. There are certain specific materials, processes and approaches that not all small operations will take. You’ll find a lot of companies that specialize in other pest and occasionally deal with bed bugs. These companies are often unsuccessful and also don’t warranty their work as a Canandaigua Bed Bug Pest Control company. Here are some reasons bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate:

Bed Bug Facts:
  • Bed bugs only come out on the dark or at night.
  • They are almost invisible to the naked eye until about the 4th stage of development
  • Bites are almost impossible to detect or feel because they have anesthetic

Year after year we are seeing “Canandaigua NY Bed Bug Pest Control” searches that are ending up with us and as the leader in the area we have made residential bed bug treatments and commercial bed bug treatments safe and professional. Don’t trust this stressful and large issue to just anyone. Go with the company that has serviced more homes and business in the area than anyone including the national firms.

Canandaigua Pest Control

Some important clients on our Canandaigua resume include the Ontario County Courthouse and Properties, Wegmans and Constellation Brands – Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center (CMAC).  Most of the local establishments you spend your time or eat at are or have used our services. Our other branch location in Geneva is the highest rated branch in the Finger Lakes. As a truly safety-oriented company we pride ourselves on creating a healthy approach to pest control. We have always felt extremely grateful for the opportunity to service the Canandaigua community and surrounding areas. Our staff live, work and play in this true gem in the state. As one technician that left to move down south stated upon his return a year later, “There is nothing like the summers in Canandaigua.” Mark still works for us today after 10 years. Thank you again Canandaigua!

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Our certified team is educated in the most advanced bed bug protocols. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art resources necessary for complete eradication of these pests. If you discover ants, bees, mice or other pest in your home, contact EnviroPest for immediate relief. You can also sign up online by clicking the sign up page and following the directions. Once submitted you will be scheduled for a service and receive contact from your technician. There is a reason we are the pest control Canandaigua and Rochester believes in!

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You can also use the onsite chat feature, Free Pest Inspection form on this page, or our online contact form to get in touch with us. Whatever your pest control need, we are happy to help you eliminate it.

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