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Skaneateles, NY – Living in Syracuse means you’re probably spending some great summer weekends in Skaneateles. When we aren’t working as exterminators on hot weekends, we are enjoying this majestic area. Whether it’s lunch at the Sherwood Inn or strolling the town, it’s hard to deny the charm and beauty of this gorgeous town. Every year we would rent a boat and tour the lake coming from Syracuse. It was every year we would say “Skaneateles is the most beautiful lake in the Finger Lakes.” The homes and businesses in Skaneateles have trusted EnviroPest with their Skaneateles Pest Control and Skaneateles Exterminator needs for over 30 years.

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We Are Skaneateles Bee Exterminators:

Skaneateles Pest Control almost always include bees and wasps control. Bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are not only a nuisance when they buzz around you or on your food but can also cause painful stings that sometimes trigger allergic reactions. We know you want your friends and family to feel safe when playing in the backyard or enjoying dinner on the deck or patio. That’s why we’ve created pest control and nest removal services specifically designed to protect your home against bees, wasps, and hornets. Whether they’ve invaded your home or business, we have the skills, equipment, and experience to effectively control any problems you may be experiencing, no matter how big or small. Find out more about our pest programs and see what fits right for your summer.

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We Are Skaneateles Ant Exterminators:

Ants can be a big issue in homes. There are a variety of ants that can invade your home, business or patio. Or Skaneateles NY Ant Pest Control program is designed for the needs of our clients. Whether it’s the small pavement ants or the large black ants, our staff have more experience than any other company in the industry. Best part, we aren’t going to spray your kitchen counter top. Our staff addresses ant pest control like it’s their home or business. That means the right way.

Wood infesting ants can be a difficult pest to eliminate. Carpenter Ants in Skaneateles are the number one complaint from client contacting us. These ants come from large established trees around the home and build nesting sites in moisture diffused wood inside the structure.

Skaneateles ant exterminator

They will then begin the process of foraging and reproducing.

Quick Facts About Carpenter Ants:

    1. Mature carpenter ant colonies can contain up to 5,000 ants
    2. Carpenter ants can live in wet or dry wood
    3. When sprayed carpenter ants will pick up the eggs and move the nesting sights
    4. Carpenter ant colonies can take 3-5 years to mature.
    5. Carpenter ants contain natural anti-freeze to protect them from cold weather

We have been specializing in Carpenter Ant Elimination for over 30 years. Carpenter Ants can be a difficult pest to eliminate due to the complex nature of their biology and habits. Understanding the biology of both the pest and the home is something we do every time we begin the process of elimination and we are very clear that very often you will need regular frequency so the thousands of ants that can live in the colonies in the walls and outside the home.

We Are Skaneateles Cockroach Exterminators

Cockroaches can be the most difficult pest to eliminate once they get into a home or business. Scientists say if the world ever ended the only living thing on the planet that would survive would be the cockroach. Imagine what they can do once they get, you’re your home. Contact your Skaneateles cockroach specialist. Nobody wants to admit they have cockroaches. Skaneateles restaurant cockroach infestations happen and it’s important to get regular and proper treatments asap. Cockroaches have been known to become resistant to Pyrethroids and other types of insecticides so we use a rotation of products and treat on a regular frequency. Contact EnviroPest to ensure your home, restaurant or other facilities are cockroach free.

We Are Skaneateles Mice Exterminators:

Skaneateles mice exterminator

Skaneateles rodent extermination is something we have been handling for business, lake homes and residents specifically. Mice and rats can infest homes anywhere are frequently becoming active in the home during the fall. Although they will nest in the walls of the home all year they stop foraging outside for their food and water when the weather changes and we begin to notice them. They reproduce on a 60 day cycle with litters of 5 or 6 and can cause a lot of stress around the home because there are usually anywhere from 50 to 500 when we get the call.

The problem is they don’t want to see us as much as we don’t want to see them so the populations can get extremely large before noticing you have an issue. After you have tried the traps with cheese give us a call and we can get there with same day service to handle all your mice pest control needs.

Skaneateles Bed Bugs? Skaneateles Bed Bug Exterminators!

The bed bug resurgence has taken the area by storm. With tourism and the renting of a lot of properties over the last decade we have seen a large increase in Skaneateles bed bug pest control. Properties like AirBNB’s and hotels are the area that bed bugs often transfer. One gets into your home and the next thing you realize is a few weeks later you’re getting bit.

Bed bugs can be a difficult pest to eliminate. There are certain specific materials, processes and approaches that not all small operations will take. You’ll find a lot of companies that specialize in other pests and occasionally deal with bed bugs. These companies are often unsuccessful and also don’t warranty their work as a Skaneateles Bed Bug Pest Control company. We have a proven method of eliminating these pests from your home and the references to prove it. Check out some of our clients in the Onondaga County area as well for bed bugs. Here are some reasons bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate:

Bed Bug Exterminator Facts:

  • They only come out in the dark or at night.
  • Bed bugs are almost invisible to the naked eye until about the 4th stage of development
  • Their bites are almost impossible to detect or feel because they have anesthetic

Year after year we are seeing Skaneateles Bed Bug Pest Control searches that are ending up with us, and as the leader in the area we have made residential bed bug treatments and commercial bed bug treatments safe and professional. Don’t trust this stressful and large issue to just anyone. Go with the company that has serviced more homes and business in Skaneateles than anyone including the national firms.

Skaneateles Pest Control Near Me – Skaneateles Pest Control!

We have been trusted as Skaneateles exterminators since 1991. There is a standard for quality, safety and health that you can trust to handle your family and home. We are the highest quality residential company in Central NY and we take care of our clients’ needs to a standard that a Skaneateles Pest Control company expects. Some of the business on our resume include: Del Lago Resort and Casino, Mirbeau Spa, Skaneateles Suites. Trust the company that’s been service Skaneateles Pest Control for the best names in the area!

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If you discover ants, bees, mice, mosquitoes or other pests in your home, contact EnviroPest Exterminator for immediate relief. Our certified team is educated in the most advanced bed bug protocols and equipped with the state-of-the-art resources necessary for complete eradication of these pests. You can also sign up online or call. We’re the exterminators NY trusts and we look forward to discussing your issue.

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