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While wineries, waterfalls, gorges, and lakes are the heart of Cortland County, the beauty of the region’s history, community, and culture emerges in the charming towns and villages tucked along the way are the true treasures. We are blessed and grateful to be chosen as the #1 Cortland NY pest control company since 1991.

Our service area includes the smaller picturesque villages of Homer, Skaneateles or Penn Yan, and the Main Street atmospheres. AuburnIthaca and of course Onondaga County Syracuse are centers for our commercial, facilities and residential treatments. Regardless of where you live in the Cortland region you are a short driving distance from us, and your neighbor and local community most likely use our resources from their pest control needs.

EnviroPest & Community| Cortland Pest Control

As the preferred Cortland Pest Control Company, we have strong ties to the community. From properties along the lakes to the towns that make this area a premier destination from all over the world. During the past 30 years we have built quite a list of clients. You can see here that our staff and company mission has been to focus on the property, safety and health of our clients as well as the community. All of our pest professional staff have over a minimum of five thousand (5,000) pesticide applications, so you can be assured that they are focused on your home and business with experience.

ANT | Exterminator Cortland NY

Carpenter Ant - popular to the Cortland region

The entire Cortland area is susceptible to ants, and specifically carpenter ants. The large developed hardwood trees in the area have given way to large infestations of Carpenter Ant colonies and sub-colonies. Making sure your home is protected and you’re using the proper pesticides to eliminate ant issues is a crucial step. In the winter, Carpenter Ants will continue to reproduce and although some of the population will die during the cold months, there is going to be an explosion in the spring after all the eggs the queen laid over the winter hatch.

It’s not always easy to identify Carpenter Ants. They come in different sizes and can all seem to come at the same time.

Here’s how you can identify Cortland Carpenter Ants:

  1. Check for a segmented body
  2. Color can be dark black or even a little red on the thorax
  3. They come in different sizes (Major, Minor, Intermediate and Winged Reproductive)
  4. Carpenter Ants will be in a variety of rooms since they can forage long distances
  5. Call EnviroPest


Eggs cycles can take months to hatch and as the queen lays eggs continuously you will see that the population spikes substantially in the spring. Be aware it takes a professional company that has experience to treat a Carpenter Ant pest control problem. The reason is that making sure the proper materials are applied to the source areas. Many companies want to spray everything down, but that will often just change the pheromone routes of ants and you’ll find they just return weeks or even months later. The only way to eliminate them is to keep materials active in source areas over the gestation period.

If you think you may have Carpenter Ants in your home, or have any questions regarding them, contact us for an inspection or send us a picture. We can help identify where they are coming from outside or how we can assist in keeping them out.

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MICE | Cortland Rodent Control

mice problem remediation


We all enjoy the seasons that living in NY brings us. Raising a family here and watching them experience the colors and holidays with the beautiful season we get to enjoy makes it feel like the greatest place in the world. Part of keeping a home and family safe and healthy is to make sure pests and rodents don’t bother us. And mice and rats are some of the top pests in the area, and not simple to combat. But EnviroPest guarantees all our services and we are the area’s Rodent Control experts.

Many people want to seal up their home when they realize they have a rodent infestation in their home. Oftentimes that will only contribute to the issues since you will change the rodent’s routes and they are most certainly living within the insulation inside. Mice will hide in the walls. This means they can’t get out and mice will usually end up running across us while we are sleeping or scaring us in the kitchen.

RATS | Cortland Rodent Control

Taking a strong approach to rats is a must when you’re dealing with these complex pests in your home or business. They can be a very difficult pest to eliminate. Our program is designed to eliminate rat populations and create an approach to keep them out. Cortland Rodent Control experts need to be experienced and understand some important facts about how to treat and handle Cortland Rat problems.

Quick Facts About Cortland NY Mice and Cortland Rats:
  1. Rodents Are Neophobic – Mice and rats are neophobic. The term neophobic means they fear new things within their environment. This can make it especially difficult to trap by introducing stations or traps into the environment. This is quite often how they have adapted to survive and have this learned genetic trait.
  2. Rodents Don’t Leave – Once rodents find a conducive environment they will breed, and they won’t leave the property. Specifically, people think once the warmer months come, they will go outside. This is true but will return to the nesting sites every day.
  3. Mice and Rat Traps Rarely Gets Rid of Them – Unfortunately when they are breeding inside your home or business by the time you trap a few of them, they have already had offspring and you back to the same population levels as when you started.  95% of the time the best way to eliminate rodents is to seal major entry points and establish a rodent baiting program to eliminate large numbers of rodents in your home or business.
  4. There’s Usually More Than You Think – Most people that try to trap on their own catch 1 or 2 a week but never really get rid of them. The multiple females on the property that reproduce are having young faster than trapping can manage, and usually people end up in a cycle of never really getting rid of the problem.

Bees | Exterminators Cortland

Cortland Bee pest control is something we have been doing for a while and when you are looking for a safe and effective treatment, look no further. Select a bee pest company that focuses on treating the exterior of homes and business on a regular frequency. We can service bee and wasp emergencies on same day if needed. We eliminate all types of bees, wasps, yellow jackets and even 20 other types of pests with our Exterior Solutions Program. Whether they are just flying around your backyard barbecue or have infested the inside of our home, we can help with our Same Day Service!

Same Day Bee Exterminators Cortland!

We offer SAME DAY SERVICE for emergency services and guarantee all our treatments and programs. That means if you need anything after or between service visits, we cover it all for no additional costs. Unless Honey Bees are creating a structural issue or posing harm, we don’t exterminate them. Contact a Bee Keeper first to see if they can be extracted. Choose a larger local company for your service needs. Let us know if you have any needs or if we can make your summer months more enjoyable with our Pest Protection Programs.

Cockroaches| Cortland

Cockroaches can be brought into any property. Apartments, restaurants and commercial properties are the most susceptible. This is because of the transit and items being brought in and out of the property. As the region’s pest control experts, we spend a lot of time explaining to people about how cockroaches can get into your home or business. It only takes one fertilized female or egg capsule which are dropped of the females to start an infestation. Anyone experienced with pest control will tell you cockroaches are going to be located around waterways and food sources.

If you have seen a cockroach you need to contact us as soon as possible. Cockroaches will reproduce fast and subsequently getting control of cockroaches early is a much easier elimination process. We are the Cortland Cockroach Extermination experts!

Pest Control Cortland Near Me – Who Are We?

EnviroPest has serviced over 100,000 homes and businesses in Cortland County. We have provided pest control and extermination services for many local notable businesses, tourist attractions and landmarks. We would love the opportunity to service you and your family or your business. Check out some of our reviews and contact us today to find out more.

Organic Pest Control Cortland

We do offer organic treatments as well in case there are people who are sensitive. We customize the treatment and program to fit the needs. You should choose a company dedicated to the efforts of providing a safe and healthy home. You can see our commitment is more than just words with our 100% Organic programs and residential treatments.

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If you discover ants, bees, mice or fleas or other pest in your home, contact EnviroPest Cortland for immediate relief. Our certified team is educated in the most advanced protocols and equipped with the state-of-the-art resources necessary for complete eradication of these pests. You can also sign up online or call. We are the exterminators Cortland residents trusts and we look forward to discussing your issue.

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