Canandaigua NY Bed Bugs – Enjoying The Lake

Bed Bugs Canandaigua NY

Canandaigua NY Bed Bugs Making A Home

Almost everyone in Rochester makes it at minimum a priority every summer to visit the finger lakes lake.  It seems more and more people from even farther away have made Canandaigua NY a destination.   We have been going there for almost 40 years and every year I am astonished at how much this boutique city has changed.  Its just the right distance from Rochester to feel like you’ve gotten away from the city.  After receiving a large increase of calls from year to year for Canandaigua NY bed bugs we turned to google trends.  There we noticed a large increase in searches for Canandaigua NY Bed Bugs.  Here is why:

Increase In Non Managed Property Rentals

With the increase in tourism more people in Canandaigua are renting out their properties on AirBnB to adventuring couples and families from across the globe.  We have had more Bed bug treatments in residential properties that have been renting their homes out during the summer months than any other year.  It seems like every year there is a 10-15% increase in bed bug jobs throughout Canandaigua NY because of the increased tourism.  I mean its easy to understand why rental properties can get infested.

One of the main ways bed bugs are transported from one property to another is through moving from one property to another.  When that process of bringing items and clothing in and out every day its the ultimate exposure.  We have seen this issue in many Hotels in some of our Rochester service areas.  Before Airbnb and other vacation rental sites, properties that were rented were managed by staffed professional exterminators.  We are finding that with these small rentals the homeowners are unprepared for the influx of bed bugs or other infestations.

Race To The Bottom

Other hotels and hospitality facilities have also contacted us from Canandaigua claiming they have been infested with Bed bugs from tourists as well.  Some smart tips are to be sure to add in the cost of this across the board.  Add about $1,000 – $1,500 to the average yearly nightly rates for AirBnb budget to cover the costs of bed bugs.  Another $5.00 – $10.00 a night over the course of the year could cover you in the case of an infestation.  Most people that have a higher end property earning them income already understand what a good Canandaigua Exterminator can do to their bottom line.  Time is money someone once told me.

Avoid the Bad Reviews From Canandaigua Bed Bugs

Lastly give us a call if you believe you are having trouble with Bed bugs.  don’t let anyone else in the property.  Bad reviews and troubled renters can cause a headache and just add to your already stressful situation.   The cost of returning someones money and covering medical expenses and treatment to save your reviews will end up costing more than handling professionally on a regular basis.  AirBnb has been very strict about the rules regarding bedbugs and many hosts have discussed with us the process of providing them with written treatment reports.  There are establishments including historic hotels that have had their reputations put on the line by bed bugs.  You can check out reviews for finger lakes property rentals on vrbo.

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