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EnviroPest has been protecting local homes and families for over 30 years. Our cockroach exterminators provide a variety of treatments including our all-natural cockroach control solutions that effectively deal with your issue without requiring you to leave the comforts of your home for more than a few hours.

There are five species of cockroaches that can become pests of your residence: German cockroach, Brownbanded cockroach, Oriental cockroach, Smokybrown cockroach, and American cockroach. Of these, the one that has the greatest potential of becoming persistent and troublesome is the German cockroach, which prefers indoor locations. Oriental and American cockroaches occasionally pose problems in moist, humid areas.

Cockroach Life Cycle

An adult female cockroach produces an egg capsule, called an ootheca, which it carries around protruding from the abdomen’s tip. The German cockroach has the ootheca for most of the 30-day incubation period and then drops it about when the eggs hatch; the other four species carry it for only about a day before depositing it in a suitable location where it incubates for weeks or months. Young or immature cockroaches undergo gradual metamorphosis, which means they resemble adults and have similar feeding habits, but they do not have fully developed wings and are not reproductively active. Immediately after molting, cockroaches are white, but their outer covering darkens as it hardens, usually within hours.

We Start with a Thorough Investigation


Although only four species are common household pests in the United States, there are thousands of species of cockroaches. The American cockroach is the largest of the house-infesting roaches. Cockroaches are commonly found in restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, breweries, pet shops, and other establishments where food is prepared or stored. They are often found in damp sewers and basements, heating ducts under hospitals, and on the first floors of buildings. Eggs and all life cycle stages can be transported into homes and apartments in boxes from infested establishments.
Cockroaches can foul food, damage wallpaper, books, and clothing, and produce an unpleasant odor. Unlike most other roaches, German cockroach females carry the egg capsule protruding from their abdomen until the eggs are ready to hatch. The case will be dropped in a secluded location, with the nymphs emerging within one day. A female may produce four to eight casings during her lifetime. The German cockroach produces more eggs and has more generations per year (three to four) than other roaches, and only a few individuals are needed to develop into troublesome infestations. It is the most prevalent pest in low-income apartments in the United States.

Cockroach Hiding Places

Cockroaches hide around water heaters, in cupboard cracks, stoves, crawl spaces, outdoor vegetation, and many other locations. They invade kitchens at night. Limiting hiding areas or avenues of access to living areas is an essential part of an effective management strategy. False-bottom cupboards, hollow walls, and similar regions are common cockroach refuges. Prevent access to the inside of buildings through cracks, conduits, under doors, or through other structural flaws.

  • Seal cracks and other openings to the outside, locate and seal cracks inside the treatment area where cockroaches can hide.
  • Look for other entry methods, such as items brought into the building, especially appliances and furniture.
  • Look for egg sacks glued to the undersides of furniture, in the refrigerator and other appliance motors, boxes, and other items. Remove and destroy any eggs you find.

Our Industry Leading Cockroach Exterminators

Cockroaches can be an especially tricky pest. There is a good chance that your infestation is not confined to one room in your house. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to understand all the possible hiding spots for cockroaches and thoroughly inspect each possible location.

Our Treatment Tool-Chest

We offer a variety of different treatments for cockroach extermination and will provide recommendations on which procedure is right for your pest situation.

We promise you a 100% cockroach-free house, and we guarantee it! If you find that some of those pesky bugs managed to get past our initial assault, we will come back and make sure we treat your house again free of charge.

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Who To Hire

What to Look for When Hiring Cockroach Exterminators

  • The pest management company should be licensed by the state and insured.
  • Technicians should be certified pest management professionals and fully licensed in the state.
  • The company should be a member of a professional organization, such as the National Pest Management Association.
  • The company should have a staff entomologist or access to one.
  • Technicians should have experience with cockroaches.
  • Choose a company based on their quality of service, not the price. Research user reviews and testimonials to solidify your choice.
  • A pre-inspection should be conducted to assess the scope of the work.
  • The proposed work should follow the steps of integrated pest management, not just pesticide application.

Our Guarantee

Complete Service Guarantee

If at any time between services or your guarantee period, you as a customer of EnviroPest are not satisfied for any reason. We will readdress the area in question at no additional charge. We have serviced over 300,000 homes and businesses over 30 years, and our clients rely on us to stand behind the work we perform.

Our continuous inspection and treatment mean a 100% guarantee as long as you have us on the property.

Our service personnel has been trained and certified with over six (6) years of experience in the pest control field as specialists. We do not advocate or provide seasonal labor or “college kids” to provide applications in or around your family or home. Another reason we are the natural choice in pest control.


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How do I have cockroaches in my residence?

Often cockroaches are brought to a home from a restaurant or grocery store. Boxed foods, bulk items, store boxes are some sources of eggs or living cockroaches. Restaurant food delivered or cockroaches getting into one’s clothing are also possible ways an infestation may begin.

Besides being repulsive, how dangerous is it to have cockroaches in my dwelling?

Cockroaches can transmit bacteria to food sources within your home, causing a human reaction to the bacteria. In extreme cases they can cause allergic reactions from their feces. Allergens can become airborne, along with household dust that can be inhaled causing a reaction.

After cockroach exterminators have treated, how do I keep this infestation from happening again?

Sanitation is the key to avoid this from happening again. Store food and keep garbage in tightly sealed containers. Be sure to vacuum cracks and crevices where food and debris are located, also where any possible infestations have taken place. Move any items that have been in one place for a long time (stacks of lumber, trash).

Why do I see more activity after treatments? Shouldn’t I see less?

Our treatments are meant to initiate movement. The activity in your home must increase to decrease. Your pests must be in motion for our material to be useful. Higher activity is not overly concerning at early after treatments, this means our treatments are working correctly.

Are the materials you are placing in my dwelling harmful in any way to my family or my pet’s health?

Our treatments are in no way harmful to the health of anyone in your dwelling. Our pest applications are meant to eliminate pest-specific problems without any harmful side effects to you or your pet’s health. You can refer to your label packet provided to you at the time of your initial service for specific material information. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your local office. They will be glad to assist you.

What if my pet or child gets into areas that were treated?

Wipe the area of the child or pet with cold water to remove our material. If the material was ingested call your local office and let them know what your situation is, and we will be glad to help you with the proper procedure to follow.

Learn about the signs of a cockroach infestation.

You can also use the onsite chat feature, Free Pest Inspection form on this page, or our online contact form to get in touch with us. Whatever your pest control need, we are happy to help you eliminate it.

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