Bed Bugs Invade Lyons New York Hotel In Wayne County

Bed Bugs Wayne County

Lyons NY – Between Phelps, NY and Sodus, NY is the small but thriving city of Lyons New York.  It is also home to one of the biggest bed bug infestations we have ever seen.  The call to action came when the Manager of the hotel called our 20-year commercial specialist to ask about switching pest control firms.  A lot of pest control companies in Wayne County are small one-man operations and bed bugs are just beyond what they can control.  Especially when your dealing with turn over and infestations moving from one room to another.

What we found was an infestation that took even us months to eliminate.  The problem with older hotels in that they can provide a lot of cracks and crevices for bed bugs to hide.  We found these guys had been there a while and the pest control company being used wasn’t even close when it came to eliminate.  It seemed out of control.  It seems the more we treated the worse it got.  Treat, inspect and repeat.  This went on for weeks.

We ended up working with management to block off groups of rooms and treat sections of the floors to finally end up with results.  A lot of the smaller firms have such cheap rates that it seems like your getting a great price.  Sometimes you have to calculate other expenses when your looking at what a bed bug exterminator cost.  Unfortunately, when your business depends on the availability it ended up costing this hotel a lot of money in the end going with the cheap inexperienced route.

  • Quick Bed bug Fact:  Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to eliminate.  They can be extremely difficult in older homes or facilities based on the way the structure is laid out and there are more areas for them to hide and lay eggs.

In the end we came up with a comprehensive plan to guarantee them and ensure they were eliminated.  The best programs once we have control is to treat for the regular pests in food and kitchen areas and create the maintenance plans and then do applications if needed for bed bugs as they arrive.

If you discover bed bugs in your home, contact Enviro Pest Control for immediate relief. Our certified team is educated in the most advanced bed bug protocols and equipped with the state-of-the-art resources necessary for complete eradication of these pests.