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Williamsville NY Bed Bugs

Williamsville NY Bed Bugs

BUFFALO NY – When Rich called us with a Bed bug problem he said he was used to helping others, not asking for help. You see Rich runs a shelter for folks who need a little extra support through life and he does a pretty darn good job. The problem was that Rich had brought his Buffalo NY bed bug issue back to his Williamsville NY home.  Rich made all the classic mistkes with Williamsville NY bed bugs.  Leaving dirty clothing from work around the house, jackets and bags left in bedrooms.  Now bed bug filled days at the shelter turned into sleepless nights getting bit.  Here is how to inspect your home and check for bed bug bites.  That’s when Rich got in the home he fell into the classic mistake that most folks do and called one of those national firms that talks a lot of talk. They even brought in a bed bug dog for an inspection. You would think the dog had a PhD from the rates they charged him.  We talked in our previous post about dog sniffing doge and the games that can be played with them to get the results of a Bed Bug Inspection to come out the way the handler wants.

It only took us 30 minutes to sniff out active bed bugs throughout the property. These were areas that the dog “cleared” two hours earlier. At EnviroPest we don’t use gimmicks or employ staff that requires leashes (at least not too many), just a thorough, straightforward bed bug inspection and thorough service.

How To Address Williamsville NY Bed Bugs

The Department of Agriculture will tell you that the best way to eliminate bed bugs is to follow the follow guidelines:

Properly prep the property
Thoroughly inspect all the areas
Eliminate and/or Contain Potential Sources
Treat Crack and Crevice
Frequency = Success

Due to the rapid reproduction cycles and the size of the hidden infestation you must Inspect, Treat and Repeat. Our “Green” approach combined with our training approach has given us the best success rate in the industry. The fastest way to get an infestation back is to not follow through with the complete program set-up, not treat thoroughly (laziness = bug bites) or not to call EnviroPest.

So to make a short story into a long lesson Rich got a 6 hour bed bug service performed by one of our seasoned professionals at a better rate. One less Williamsville NY residential bed bug infestation. Guess that dog might have trouble making his Mercedes payment this month…….

If you discover bed bugs in your home, contact Enviro Pest Control for immediate relief. Our certified team is educated in the most advanced bed bug protocols and equipped with the state-of-the-art resources necessary for complete eradication of these pests.  You can also sign up online by clicking this sign up page and following the directions.  Once submitted you will be scheduled for a service and receive contact from your technician.

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