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How To Check For Bed Bugs – Prep For The Exterminator

How To Check For Bed Bugs

How To Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs (Cimicidae) originated as parasites which infested nests of birds. These nasty little creatures feed on blood to survive and have since adapted to feed on any warm-blooded animal (including humans). If you want to avoid a bed bug outbreak, follow these easy steps to check for bed bugs in your environment and catch them early.

  1. Inspect yourself for bed bug bites.
  2. Check for tiny bloodstains and excrement on bedding.
  3. Look at mattresses for eggs, nymphs (adolescent bed bugs), and mature bed bugs.
  4. Go through carpets, clothing, curtains and upholstered furniture for signs of life.
  5. Check nightstand drawers and other dark hiding places.

Bed bugs don’t just live in dingy bedrooms and questionable hotel rooms. Cruise ships, offices and even schools can fall victim to a bed bug outbreak. They can be anywhere a food source lives.

Residential Preparation For Extermination

Prior to any bed bug service, it is important to prepare your entire property. This will make sure the professional bed bug treatment is as effective as possible. There are some specifics that may not be listed on here ,but feel free to contact your bed bug exterminator for more info:

Quick checklist on how to check for bed bugs:

  • Strip all bedding, sheets, covers, pillowcases, shams, mattress covers, etc.
  • Remove the mattress and box spring from bed frame and put in middle of room with box spring turned upside down
  • Remove headboard and mirrors from walls and dressers
  • Pull out drawers from dressers, nightstands and entertainment centers in infested room
  • Expose all walls to allow for inspection and treatment
  • Empty closets and launder contents
  • Place all clothing to be laundered in a sealed garbage bag before leaving the home
  • Remove light switch and receptacle covers and all wall hangings must be removed from wall
  • Wash and dry your bedding
  • Heat treat pillows and bedspreads with clothes drier
  • Remove drapery in rooms, bag and immediately launder professionally. Alternatively, drapery may be vacuumed and treated with steam while hanging in the infested room.
  • Infested mattresses and box springs must have bed cover
  • Vacuum infested rooms frequently focusing on seams and other cracks and crevices. Empty contents of vacuum in a bag, seal and discard curbside.
  • Fish aquariums may be left on site; however, they should be covered, and air filters must be disconnected.
  • Persons with underlying health conditions should consult their family physician where they have concerns regarding re-entry time

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