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Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Tips & Guide

BUFFALO NY – I was avoiding writing this piece for a few different reasons.  One being the amount of information that could be included in this could go on for paragraph after paragraph.  Once your a Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Exterminator, you’ve got so many stories to tell.  Let me apologize in advance for this lengthy post.  Your probably reading this because you are trying to figure out if you have bed bugs or trying to figure out how you got them.  Understandably people are scared and want to get rid of bed bugs fast and they want to get rid of them for cheap.  Of course, no one wants to dish out money for an unplanned nasty pest that bites you and sucks your blood.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Buffalo NY

The question of “how to get rid of bed bugs Buffalo” is often the first internet search when someone realizes they have a bed bug infestation.  After thousands of bed bug services and years of handling these pests, I really didn’t want to give anyone false hope.  Is it possible to do on your own? yes.  Is it successful? Maybe.  Let’s just say this is a guide of how to get rid of bed bugs Buffalo, solve bed bug problems and bed bug troubles.  Remember that there is no definitive statistic for solving the problem on your own. No one wants to tell their friends they had a Buffalo NY bed bugs extermination or Buffalo NY bed bugs removal.  I would guess around 25% of people that try it on their own are successful.  It’s an educated guess from a longstanding bed bug exterminator after years of experience.

Step 1: Identify | Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

Alright so were going to start this process.  First you must identify them whether your going to call a company or not.  We can try to look for them but honestly its about 50/50.  don’t just loom once.  If you think you have bed bugs but can’t find them, check every night.  It takes about 15 minutes to run through a quick bedroom inspection and you’ll sleep a little better too.

Start With these Places. 
Get a Flashlight and a Magnifying glass.  You can also download a magnifying app.
  • around the tags and in the seams of the mattress and box spring
  • in the bed frame and headboard – check the cracks and crevices
  • Underneath the baseboards
  • between couch cushions
  • in furniture joints
  • inside electrical outlets
  • under loose wallpaper
  • underneath paintings and posters on the walls
  • in the seam where the wallpaper and ceiling meet
Look for These Bed Bug Signs: – Reference Article: “Can You See Bed Bugs” –


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Step 2: Control – Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

If you have found bedbugs you should be thinking, uggggg.  Let’s contain and control the infested area.  Follow some of these steps and be sure not to move things out of the room.  Number one mistake is to start clearing things out.  A sure-fire way to get them all over the place.  Remember it only takes one hitchhiker.

Start with the vacuum and vacuum every square inch of the bedroom.  That means the entire bed frame, flooring, carpets, electronics, pictures baseboards.  Don’t hold back.  Hit everything.  Remember bed bug eggs are almost invisible to the eye.  Vacuum like my mother in the 80’s with Whitney on the headphones.  Sorry, just brought back a quick memory.

After you vacuum starting bagging up all the linens.  Take right to washer or dryer and if you cant put them right in take them outside or in the garage until you can take them out of the bag and straight into the units.  Anything that can’t be washed or dried take, leave it in the bag.  Hopefully you don’t need it because I suggest leaving it bagged and away for 6 months.

Lastly take the furniture out of the house or apartment that cannot be cleaned.  They can live inside the springs of mattresses; chairs and you name it.  Straight to the trash is probably your best bet if you don’t feel comfortable being able to take apart and clean.

– Article: : “Steam Bed Bug Treatment” –

Step 3: Prepare -Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

bed bugs buffalo NY

You made it here?  OK lets get to the next step in how to get rid of bed bugs Buffalo! let’s prepare for bed bugs by doing a little preparation to maximize success of your treatment.  Throw out everything in the room you don’t think you need.  Books, frames and knickknacks.  Move the bed and any furniture you haven’t burned and thrown outside a foot from the wall.  Don’t hold back on me.  You’ve got to spray everything down! – Article: “Preparing For Bed Bugs Post”

Step 4: Kill – Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

There are a couple ways to approach this one.  See what you think?  Remember a good steamer is about $100.00 and bed bug spray is going to be about $75.00.  Add that to your thrown-out furniture and items and you might be getting close to a bed bug exterminator price

Clean and Steam Treatment  – Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Recommendation

Temperature should be at 115 degrees or higher.  Check your hot water tank and your steamer.  Here’s a quick checklist:

  1. You’re already washing the bedding. Steam any fabric including drapes, box springs, mattress stuff animals that can’t be washed.  Everything and every square inch.
  2. Steam every square inch of the room. Make sure not to miss anything.
  3. Take bed frame apart and steam
  4. Take dresser apart and steam inside and out
  5. Steam the entire closet
  6. Just steam like you’ve never steamed before – Article: “Bed Bug Heat Treatment”
Organic and Chemical Treatments – Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Recommendation

Read reviews and look for EPA products.  Look at the active ingredients and find out if everything is marked for bed bugs.  Remember different chemicals kill different ways.  Don’t just follow the marketing on the face of the product.  Do you research.  Everyone loves crossfire bed bug spray online but it’s illegal to purchase and apply in New York State.  Not everything you read online is going to work as great as it seems and you can’t just spray everything down with products that are harmful to pets, children and anything within a 5-mile radius.

Conversely be careful with Organic Sprays for bed bugs.  Yeah it kills bed bugs if they drown in it but make sure you like the smell because you probably going to be living with it and spraying it a lot and in the end its basically an air freshener.

Here’s some products and active ingredients you can look for when you’re doing you research:

bed bugs buffalo NY

  • Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the most common chemicals for bed bugs. There has been resistance to them so be aware it may not work.  These are chemicals alot of exterminators use to target bed bugs Buffalo NY!
  • Pyrroles like chlorfenapyr kill bedbugs disrupting their cells.
  • Neonicotinoids damage the bugs’ nervous system. are man-made versions of nicotine.  The answer to the resistant bed bugs.
  • Dessicants are substances that destroy the bugs’ protective coating. Two examples of dessicants are silica aerogel (Tri-Die and CimeXa) and diatomaceous earth. These products can take a few months to kill off all the bugs.
  • Foggers or bug bombs kill bedbugs, but they can’t get into cracks and crevices where these bugs hide. They can also be toxic to humans if you use them incorrectly. Read the label carefully. Leave the room before you set off a fogger.  Don’t burn your house down!
  • Plant oil-based products like EcoRaider or Bed Bug Patrolare less toxic than chemical insecticides, reviews are always great online but they have a hard time getting rid of eggs cycles and nymphs.


Step 6: Monitor  – Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

Back to the basics.  Go back in the room and monitor.  Maybe stay out of that bedroom for a week and check every day.  Cross your fingers.  Remember bed bugs don’t come out until the dark or at night and when they smell carbon dioxide.  That can make for a tough find, so I know you think I’m not rooting for you but I am.  Don’t become complacent.  Do the work and check.

Step 7: Re-Apply – Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

If you’re still seeing them, I guess just keep spraying.  Be aware the more product you apply the more your family is exposed to the bed bug spray.  Read the directions.  This stuff is harmful and label like that for a reason.  Kids, dogs, cats, fish & YOU.  Just be careful.  Sometimes people just get carried away and a reaction and chemical exposure issue is probably the only thing worse than the bed bugs.

Step 8: Professional -Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

Look, its rare to get rid of these things on your own.  If your still having trouble, then give us a call.  Most people that call us have tried their own sprays, traps and who knows.  Its not a sense of defeat but a sign of victory.  Victory that you can move on and have a pro come in. Remember, you weren’t given all the toys and tools we have.  Spraying bed bugs with Home Depot, Lowes or worse Amazon water just probably isn’t going to cut it.  Don’t hang your head, you probably never had a chance but hey, at least your not going to set your house on fire.


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Step 9 Prevent -Bed Bugs Buffalo NY Guide

When I said at the beginning there were some reasons for this lengthy bed bug exterminator post I wasn’t lying. It came from some passion as I have been writing, studying, treating and working with these pests for years.  Just recently being assigned to putting it in writing I have found a new evening schedule where my training and expertise for over a decade has been reinvigorated.  I know, enthusiasm for bed bugs and bed bug removal.  Insert eye roll.  Just remember that 95% everyone that searches for how to get rid of bed bugs Buffalo will get rid of bed bugs (the other 5% move.)

There is some moment of accomplishment and general understanding when your there for people is probably one of the worst moments, they are going to have that year.  If you just searching and just reading this remember that sometimes people call a bed bug exterminator right away and get rid of them right away.  Others go through a lot of phases after hearing they are going to need probably at least four figures to get rid of them and they start down a second path.  The path of nickel and dime for spray products or throwing out personal items, only to get bit again the next night.  The sense of relief and accomplishment in helping someone get their life back and move on is something that a lot of people don’t get.  I get it every day.


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