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Are There All Natural Sprays for Bed Bugs?

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In recent years it has been easier for homeowners to find pest control chemicals that claim to be organic and/or all natural. You’ll find them on large and small retail websites and at big box stores. As you read through the claims and ingredients products, it’s easy to get confused. We want to make it easier.

When looking at “All Natural” sprays for bed bugs (or any pest) there are a few things to consider. Let’s look at the concerns of these chemicals and see where these chemicals stand when you’re deciding on different options:

3 Things When Looking At All Natural Sprays For Bed Bugs

  1. “Kills Bed Bugs Guaranteed”

Let’s be clear on what allows a chemical to make this claim. When you see an all natural or organic spray for bed bugs, they almost always claim that the chemical is “Guaranteed to Kill Bed Bugs.” The only test for this marketing is to spray a bed bug and if it dies it can make this claim. This does not mean the chemical is going to have a positive effect on your bed bug situation. In fact, there are chemicals you already have in your house that can do the same thing. To be clear, this guarantee doesn’t guarantee you will get rid of the bed bugs and the most you would ever get after spraying these unknown substances in your house is your money back for the chemical.

  1. Chemically Sensitive vs Sensitivity to Odors

Considering we are one of the largest residential pest companies in New York state, we speak to a lot of people who consider themselves chemically sensitive. There are a few distinctions when looking at chemical selections when you consider yourself sensitive. People get headaches or other symptoms from cleaning chemicals and glade plugins. The difference between being chemically sensitive and sensitive to odors is a very important area of distinction.

If you’re chemically sensitive you may be sensitive to odors. Chemicals that claim to be all natural bed bug chemicals are plant-based sprays. This means they have taken essential oils in concentrate and mixed them with water to create a spray. These plant-based chemicals have a substantial odor. Spraying these chemicals when you get headaches from glade plugins or candles is not the best idea. It will probably have you spending a week in the local hotel because of the very strong pungent odor.

  1. Online Reviews

Many online reviews may not be what they appear on the surface. Be careful with these reviews and be sure to read through them entirely. A lot of the reviews on all natural bed bug chemicals are fake or have been derived from unsubstantiated sources. More than half of the customers we have treated have spent their hard-earned money on these chemicals and we get the same story every time…it worked for a few days or weeks and now they are back.

What Is Our Take On All Natural Sprays For Bed Bugs? Get The Facts!

You are going to spend your time and money on what you feel is right. We are not in the business of derailing the process. For some people it takes a few misses to get back in touch with us. We get it. Just make sure you read the labels and do the research. When it comes to all natural sprays there are important facts on labels and specific to the product that should be followed to keep your family safe. Follow the directions!

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