Bed bug Bites Can Be Hard To Diagnose With Babies In Cribs


Geneva NY – The baby had been crying more than usual at night and Heather knew it was something different than usual.  Packing up the older kids and sending them to school was the priority but then getting the baby to the pediatrician was the next step.  Little did she know this was going to be something the ballooned into something bigger.

  • Quick Fact:  When toddlers or babies get bitten by an insect it can be particularly hard to determine.  They can’t explain what they felt or articulate the issue.  Also, their skin can be soft and susceptible to overreaction which gives us pause in trying to react to their claims.  Best way to determine is to check and log every morning where and how many to determine a pattern.  

The fall in Geneva, New York has got to be something straight out of a book.  Seneca lake plays the perfect backdrop to fall sports and when mixed with the colors of autumn, its easy to see why people give in the hard winters.  But for Heather these scenic drives and the meandering wine tour days were over.  Three kids and all that life brings with that is more than she bargained for and bedbugs was not expected.

The Pediatrician could see any signs of why the baby was crying but then they notice some small welts on the baby’s arm.  They were hard to make out and the doctor stated it could be a spider which threw Heather into a tailspin.  She spent the rest of the afternoon going thru the room and could find nothing.  Then the next night it happened again.

  • Quick Fact: Most bed bug bites take 2-9 minutes to feed until they become engorged with blood.  Of course, the symptoms include irritation, itchiness and soreness but the actual bite can be painless.  They are very hard to detect, and reactions can vary.

She contacted us and explained the situation.  We spent some time discussing the specifics with her and she ended up checking all the kids.  She noticed her oldest had some bed bug bites as well.  This was a something beside a spider.  The main infestation was in the couch.  As we took it apart the sofa and the beloved Lazy boy, we could find them deep in the seams.  It has spread throughout the house and gotten into the kid’s rooms. Best we could determine was they came from either a trip to an overnight family trip to the indoor water park in Cortland NY of from the school somehow.

Heather’s house was filled with what we call life.  Clothes, toys and everything a family of five would need and the treatment process was extensive.  She spent hours doing laundry and prepping and we spent hours treating and eliminating.  One month later she is still bedbug free and there haven’t been any bites since the initial treatment.  We warranty the whole process from top to bottom so making sure we are doing a thorough job isn’t just something that’s on our customers, it’s on us.  Now we are just hoping that Heather can get out to enjoy that Geneva NY autumn.

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