Bed Bug Bites – Even On “New” Mattresses

Bed Bug Bites


– Quick Tips To Avoid Getting An Infested Mattress

There are a lot of choices when your looking for a new mattress and the saying “you always get what you pay for” can ring true.  I say in the this business the saying “don’t let the bed bug bites” get s a little old.  Unfortunately, most customers that contact us with bed bugs have gotten them from infestations in their mattresses this saying rings all too true.

Some Tips For Avoiding Bed Bug Bites – avoid a mattress that’s infested with bed bugs.

  • Tip 1 – Never Take an Old Mattress

There’s a reason they are out at the curb.  Old mattresses are the easiest way to infest your home or apartment with bed bugs.  Even when inspecting be careful because the nymphs and eggs are practically invisible to the naked eye.  Baby cribs are very common items they will move from one home or apartment to another because there are passed between family or friends sharing in the excitement of a new child.  Bed bugs can not only exist in the mattress but in the crib itself.  Any hollow parts of the furniture can harbor bed bugs.

  • Tip 2 – Find Out If The Mattress Is New Or Refurbished

A lot of the cheaper mattresses that advertise as new can often be repaired or outfitted with new components.  They will still advertise these as new and wrap them in plastic to give the impression that the customer is getting a new mattress.  Imagine the facilities where this work is done.  Breaking down hundreds of used mattresses and reusing the springs and framing.  These facilities are filled with Bed bugs and they spread from one unit to the other.  If the deal seems too good to be true it probably is.

  • Tip 3 – Look For Signs Of Bed Bug Bites
  1. Check sheets and mattress for staining
  2. Check headboards and bed frame
  3. Check for bed bug bites
  4. Check under wood trim on walls
  5. Check behind picture frames or items on dressers

Research online and find a reputable company.

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