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Bed Bugs Niagara Falls

Bed bugs have been a local issue for years

Niagara Falls is known as the destination for the recently hitched on their honeymoon and tourist from all over the world. There is something about the Falls that forces you to take a moment and realize that you are only but a small piece of a huge universe. Won’t most visitors don’t think of, and those that do hope they are mistaken, is that there is also a huge epidemic of bed bugs here in Niagara Falls from all those the worldly travelers.

Bed bugs are not only infesting places of hospitality like the hotels and the restaurants but also have become ingrained in the local economy. Niagara Falls has a history of manufacturing combined with the tourism from the Falls. But over the last 50 years the economy is almost 100% based on the tourism brought in through the Seneca Niagara Casino, shopping and the Falls themselves. Because the majority of jobs in the area are tied to these hospitality facilities (hotels, motels, restaurants, taxis, etc.,) the bed bug issues that stem from these places of business are brought right into the residences. People are getting bit and contacting us frequently with questions on how they got bed bugs

Have You Seen Bed Bugs In Your Niagara Falls Home?

We can say with certainty that the hotels and motels in this area are the worst bed bug infestations in the markets we service when you base it on population density. Many visitors, whether from Buffalo, Saratoga or beyond, can bring these bugs to our area with a quick overnight visit. And then the bed bugs spread within these hotels and into other businesses and even homes. This isn’t due to any lack of effort to avoid bed bugs, but more to the constant battle the area has with travelers from all over the world. Whether it is conferences or international gamblers, the area just seems to be a bed bug magnet.

Almost all the hotels in the Niagara Falls area have bed bug pest control. If they don’t, you don’t want to stay there. The work in these facilities is a fight between the pest control company contracted to handle the bed bugs and the hotel budget. This is because bed bug prevention is something every company should incorporate to facilities with these high-risk factors. That means blocking off rooms in hotels and not allowing staff or customers to use them and treating them. It means treating infested rooms and all the rooms adjacent above and next to make sure there is no risk of having them spread. A lot of times is feels like a Hollywood Movie as we battle the infestation and try to contain bed bugs!

How Are Local Residents Dealing With Bed Bugs Niagara Falls?

On the flip side of this coin are the employees and staff that work in these facilities. Niagara Falls is a 24 hour town. People behind the scenes work and carry the load. People who are chefs, room staff and maintenance workers. Shared employee facilities like locker rooms, coat rooms, bathrooms are target areas for bed bugs. The constant blending of work and home makes it almost impossible not to bring work home with you. That’s means many apartments and single-family homes become infested as well.

Many areas of New York and other states will be collateral damage to the epidemic of bed bugs Niagara Falls. People come to visit the beauty of the Falls and the hospitality of the area. They will leave with a hitchhiker that will end up on a plane or in another state/country. The cycle continues and will continue and there is not much this bed bug exterminator can do but answer the call. Contact a bed bug company with consistent 5 star reviews and get the a guarantee that means something.

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