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Are Yellow Jackets Invading Your Rochester Home?

yellow jacket hive on side of home

The Area Pros At Yellow Jacket Pest Control

Mary from Rochester had a rude awakening one morning when she sat up in the dark and heard a loud buzzing sound around her. When she turned on her lights she had quite the surprise: her bedroom was full of yellow jackets! She rushed out of the room and slammed the door behind her, her heart pounding with excitement and fear. She instantly went to her phone and googled “Yellow Jackets Rochester NY” and found the local EnviroPest office to have a pest control technician come out and help her. Once the technician arrived, he put on his full bee suit and mask. Then he carefully opened the bedroom door and went in. Upon inspecting the room, the technician saw that a nest had been formed above her sheet rock ceiling, with its weight and saturation softening the only barrier between the nest and Mary’s bedroom.

The technician quickly went into action. He opened the bedroom windows and removed their screens to allow the yellow jackets to leave the home, but he knew they wouldn’t leave the vicinity of the nest so he had to do the unthinkable: he reached up into the ceiling and removed the nest with his gloved hands! With yellow jackets swarming around his head and dive bombing his mask as he carried it to the open window, the technician tossed the nest to the ground two stories below and watched the yellow jackets head down and out of the room in pursuit.

Once the nest had been removed, he quickly began the pest removal process by using an aerosol spray to exterminate the yellow jackets still flying around in the room and ensured that all of their nesting material had been removed. The technician then left the room, making sure to securely close the door behind him. Using painter’s tape, the pest technician sealed the cracks around the door to guarantee the yellow jackets couldn’t escape into the rest of the house. Once he was certain the home was safe, he went outside and tossed the discarded nest into the weeds of a nearby hedgerow.

Same Day Yellow Jacket Pest Control Service In Rochester

Once Mary was able to recover from the traumatic experience, the pest exterminator explained exactly what had happened. He pointed out the small gap in the siding that the yellow jackets had been entering. They were doing this all summer long. Mary couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed them there, but the technician explained that this was because at any given point in time she would have only been able to see 5-6 yellow jackets going in and out of the hole as the rest would be inside the nest or out foraging for food.

As the nest continued to grow and the amount of larvae grew from 10 to 100, the weight and saturation of the nest began to break down the sheet rock that made up her ceiling. Left untreated, the nest eventually broke through the ceiling, giving the yellow jackets instant access into her bedroom. The technician explained that this breakthrough is seen the most at night. That is when most of the yellow jackets and their weight are inside the nest.

We Are Rochester’s Yellow Jacket Experts

Mary was extremely grateful for the technician’s thoroughness. She took his advice to set up a seasonal pest program. This helps to prevent the bees from nesting in the first place. We have the tools and expertise to handle all types of pests. We have handled some of the largest nesting sites in Rochester. From Honey Bees nesting in entire walls to European Hornets Nests swarming trees. We can protect your family. Don’t let Mary’s experience become your own nightmare; call EnviroPest today to learn more about our pest prevention programs at 1-800-GET-ENVIRO.

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