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Landlord Responsible for Bed Bugs?

Rochester NY Bed bugs Tenants

Who Is Responsible for Bed Bugs? the Landlord or the Renter?

Bed bugs in apartments. Over the course of three decades, we have gotten to know the properties in and around Rochester. We have a reputation of handling bed bugs and bed bug infestations appropriately in apartments and condos. Renters are always asking if the landlord is responsible for bed bug removal. Some landlords can be very difficult to deal with and they want to know who is going to pay for the bed bug removal (that’s one of the first question tenants ask when they call us). Unfortunately, it’s not always a simple answer when you’re looking at who is responsible. To help guide you, here are some of the factors involved when looking at who will be handling the bed bug situation.

  • Check Your Lease – Does It State The Landlord Or Tenant Is Responsible for Bed Bugs?

Many landlords or leasing companies providing housing have some specific information regarding bed bugs laid out in the lease. There are a lot of stipulations and legal arguments in leases, so it pays to know what is in them. Leases don’t always follow New York State Landlord Tenant Laws, but sometimes the language in these situations matter unless you plan on taking this to a Civil court.

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  • Check the Law – Tenants Rights Guide Doesn’t State Landlord Responsible For Bed Bugs

There are a lot of laws that side with the tenants’ right to be provided the proper space. The argument with Landlords or Apartment Management seems to always be based on how they got into the property. This question cannot be definitively answered, and most pest professionals will not take a side in writing or legally. Check out New York States tenant rights when handling bed bugs.

  • Be Reasonable On Both Sides To Figure Out Who Will Pay For Beg Bug Removal

This is not typically a new issue. Sometimes opening the dialogue without placing the blame can get better results. It’s extremely important that once you decide to go with a company that you choose someone that will guarantee the work. Price is not always the best deciding factor. Make sure you choose someone who will stick by the service, or you will be having the discussion again regardless of which side you’re on.

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