Can You See Bed Bugs?

how can you see bed bugs

The Answer to Can You See Bed Bugs

NY Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in the most inconspicuous locations in homes and items around a room.  Can you see bed bugs?  The answer is it depends.  This is because there are 8 stages to a bed bugs life cycle and by the time you realize you have a bed bug bite you are most likely in the late stages of development.  Let’s take a look at the stages and what makes them so hard to find when your looking for them in your home.

Bed Bug Eggs – Can You See Bed Bugs Eggs? – Answer: No

Bed bug eggs are only 1mm big. To give you some perspective this is 33% smaller than the head of a pin.  These eggs are so small that they are almost completely invisible to the naked eye.  Even if you see these eggs you most likely won’t be able to recognize what they are.  They are off white or pearl white in color.  This color makes it even more difficult to see them.

Bed Bug Egg Facts

  1. Tiny and the size of a pinhead
  2. Translucent white in color
  3. Small spotting when over 5 days old
  4. 1mm and pretty much naked to the eye

Bed Bug Nymphs – Can You See Bed Bugs Nymphs? – Answer:  Probably Not

Can You See Bed Bugs

When asking “can you see bed bugs” these are the stages that technically you can start to see them.  Between the 1st and 5th stage the development takes up to 4 weeks and these nymphs are small and translucent and then start to get a darker color as thy move through the stages.  They are most visible after they have fed but they get harder to see as thy get away from that blood meal.  Once the bed bug gets to the 5th stage of development the size if about the size of a small drill hole.

Bed Bug Nymph Facts

  1. Small and translucent
  2. Begin to develop color as they get towards the 4th stage
  3.  Pretty much naked to the eye
  4. Sizing between 1.5mm-4.5mm

Adult Bed Bugs – Can You See Bed Bugs Adults? – Answer: YES

Adult bed bugs are going to be between 5-7mm or ¼ inch long.  They are visible to the naked eye and will see them crawling.  They have a balloon like reddish-brown and they even produce a musty odor through the glans.  Often when your finding source hiding spots you will see lots them and staining on mattress and sheets.  This take 6-7 weeks for bed bugs to reach this visible state.  Unfortunately, by this time there have been other bed bugs that have begun laying eggs and the cycle begins again.  You can have multiple eggs starting development and most likely when you see an adult bed bug you are deep in the process.

The visibility of bed bugs makes the process of elimination and the process of identifying them very difficult.  By the time you realize you are having an issue you have most likely already been in the process for weeks if not months.  Therefore, they are so difficult to prevent or stop early in the process.  This is also why companies will find the elimination of these pests one of the most difficult.  We recommend going with a large local company to ensure you have someone with the knowledge, resources and experience dealing with these difficult pests.

Bed Bug Adult Facts

  1. Up to ¼ inch long
  2. Flat with oval shape if they haven’t fed
  3. Balloon shape if they have recently had a blood meal
  4. Musty odor
  5. Antenna and wings and short brown golden hairs

So the answer to “can you see bed bugs” is it depends.  Most likely once you have a large issue you will notice the adults and the process will become visible.  Before that you will have to inspect for bites and try your luck with a magnifying glass.

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