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How To Get Rid Of Mice – 5 Methods

mice that have invaded a home

Although they may look adorable in movies and cartoons, mice are not the kind of creatures you would want in your home. These troublesome rodents will chew on everything in your house, from favorite pants and t-shirts to books and toys. The worst part is that they’ll also ruin your residence with urine and feces, which may contain harmful bacteria and viruses. And if you fail to take the necessary control measures, they’ll reproduce and multiply quickly and become your worst nightmare.

Therefore, if you discover that there are mice in your home, you need to act swiftly and get rid of them. Many homeowners will first search ‘how to get rid of mice’. Exterminating these creatures, however, is not easy since they are clever, resourceful, and persistent. They will keep coming back unless you find a lasting solution. If you’re worried that mice are becoming a menace in your residence, here are some steps that you can follow to get rid of them.

  • Seal all Mouse Entry Points:

Rodents get into and stay in your house because they’re definitely getting enough food and can easily access your home. If you thought that these rodents need a gaping half-circle hole to get into your house, you’re mistaken. Their small, flexible bodies allow them to fit in the tiniest cracks and gaps. A mouse can fit in a hole smaller than the circumference of your finger.

The first step to exterminating these creatures is to inspect your house’s outdoor area for possible cracks or spaces where they can squeeze through. Check the foundation, stairs, walls, and corners where the walls and roof meet to detect small crevices. Once you discover these rodents’ entry points, seal them to curtail their movement. And since mice are known to chew through various materials, consider using wire mesh or any steel material to cover the holes.

  • Mouse Traps

    evidence of mice in your home graphic

Once the house is “mouse-proof,” it is time now to deal with those who are competing with you for space and food. Setting traps may be one of the oldest techniques of dealing with mice, but it remains one of the favorites options for today’s homeowners. There are different types of traps in the market, and it’s up to you to choose the one that resonates with your family setting.

Typically, you’ll have to choose from no-kill traps and spring-loaded lethal traps. Using mousetraps is favored by many. It eliminates the need to use hazardous rodenticides and allows you to dispose of the trapped mice, thereby ensuring that your house is free from dead mouse odors. The traps should be positioned in places that mice frequent, such as gaps on walls or foundation holes, but away from kids and pets. Remember that rodents have litters of 5-6 every 45 days on average. Trapping may not get rid of the issue. If you are not trapping many rodents each month, you’re likely not reducing the population. Rodents will also increase breeding to make up for reductions in their numbers.

  • Baits

Baiting is another popular method that is used to exterminate mice. Something that highly attracts the rodents is positioned in an area where rodents go regularly, where they are trapped or poisoned. Homeowners can add poison to the food bait and kill the mice once it eats feeds or set non-lethal traps where the mice get trapped when trying to go near the bait.

Usually, rodents love high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, peanut butter, and hazelnut spread. During winter, the mice create their nests utilizing various materials, such as dental floss, twine, cotton balls, and yarn. These can be drenched with rodenticides, and once the mice try to use these materials to build a shed, they inhale or ingest the poison and die. You can also use any other food that the mice are fond of eating in your residence as bait.

  • Natural Home Remedies

If trapping or killing mice isn’t your thing, you can opt for natural home remedies to banish these rodents from your residence. Here are techniques you can try:

Get a Cat

Getting a cat is one of the best ways to get rid of mice. However, it’s only applicable if there’s no one in your family with allergy problems. If you can’t get a cat for the above reason, you can buy a cat litter and smear on parts where the mice are seen frequently. It acts as a deterrent because it tricks the mice into thinking that the cat is around.

Peppermint Oil

Since mice don’t fancy the smell of peppermint oil, you can use it to drive them away. Saturate cotton balls with the oil and position them in areas, such as in the kitchen cupboards, drawers, and home entryways, where mice are commonly found. The smell will make the rodents uncomfortable and make them find refuge in another place.

  • Proper Sanitation

One of the reasons mice come to your house and multiply in population is getting enough food. One way to make sure that they start looking for a new place is maintaining cleanliness. Please make sure that you clean your utensils after eating and remove clutter every night.

Also, remember to remove or seal all potential mouse food sources. Keep snacks and pet food tightly closed and packed, store cereals in mouse-proof containers, and dispose of food waste immediately. Once the mice start realizing that there is no food in your house, they will try to look for other places when they can find nourishment and build their nests. This way, you can successfully control their population.

When to Contact a Professional Exterminator On How to Get Rid of Mice

mice droppings in attic
Mice Droppings In Attic

Although most of the control methods in this piece are DIY, they don’t guarantee 100% results. Once rodents get inside your home they will breed in the insulation in the walls and won’t leave until they are completely eliminated. Therefore, whether you have tried getting the mice without success or you can’t deal with the heartache and pain of trying to trap these rodents yourself, you can always seek the services of experts.

A professional exterminator will come to your house, assess and evaluate the situation, and lay down the different options to help get rid of the rodents. They’ll allow you to make a choice based on your circumstances and offer recommendations on handling everything from start to finish. They’ll go ahead to use their experience to make the mice disappear from your compound for good.