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How To Get Rid of Mice In The Walls – 5 Facts

How to Get Rid Of Mice

What To Do When You Hear Mice In Your Walls

Every year as Fall begins, we start to get the calls on how to get rid of mice in the walls. Autumn brings the fallen leaves and it also brings rodents looking for a place to spend the cooler nights. Here we share some keys to eliminating rodents in your home and some are obvious, and some are not. You can also check out our mice page in our pest library for more info. See below the facts and myths about rodents that can shape how we deal with mice and rats in our homes and properties for long term solutions.

Facts About Mice and Rats | How to Get Rid Of Mice In Walls

  • #1 – Rodents Are Neophobic

Mice and rats are neophobic. The term neophobic means they fear new things within their environment. This is quite often how they have adapted to survive and have this learned genetic trait. This can make is especially difficult to trap by introducing stations or traps into the environment.

  • #2 – Rodents Don’t Leave

Once rodents find a conducive environment they will breed, and they won’t leave the property. Specifically, people think once the warmer months come, they will go outside. They will indeed head out at some point, but will return to the nesting sites every day.

  • #3 – Mice and Rat Traps Rarely Get Rid of Them

Unfortunately, when mice are breeding inside your home or business, by the time you trap a few of them it’s too late. They have already had offspring and you’re back to the same population levels as when you started. 95% of the time the best way to eliminate rodents is to seal major entry points and establish a rodent baiting program to eliminate large numbers of rodents in your home or business.

  • #4 – There’s Usually More Than You Think

We only see or come in contact to 5-10% of rodents that live in our home. To put it another way, most of the population doesn’t forage in our living space. This means that if you see one or two, there are most likely anywhere from 25-200 rodents in your home. This is because they stay away from us and they stick to continuous runways usually reserved for attics and basements. Also, they forage at night, meaning we are usually sleeping. Where there’s one there is almost always a lot more.

  • #5 – Entry Point Size
    mice entry points

Mice can fit into an opening just over half (.5) inch in size. This is roughly the size of a dime. Rats on the other hand can fit into an opening around 1.5 inches or a quarter. They can do this by squeezing the cartilage in their bodies. It’s no surprise mice can find a way in. It is almost impossible to seal off a standard home from rodent entry due to the size. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t seal off areas that make it easy for them to get in, but we have seen many homeowners spend thousands of dollars and hours of time with spray foam only to be defeated.


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