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Moths In Kitchen? – Probably Indian Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moths Syracuse NY

We typically have past customers write to us to share their stories regarding their experience with our company. Todd from Syracuse NY wrote to use to share his experience from last summer after searching for moths in kitchen on the web and finding us:

“As the summer rolls in there’s nothing more than BBQ on my mind. I think about the warm summer evenings often and the view of the Onondaga Lake in Syracuse NY as I grilled up food for my family. Unfortunately, I got a little more than I wanted to chew on at the start of last summer.

I keep my dog food in the pantry, as many do, but ended up with a big surprise this past week. It all started when I went to make a salad and fresh apple pie but to my surprise I got more than I ever wanted. I was collecting all my spices and ingredients out of the pantry when I was overtaken with what seemed to be some kind of moth coming from the pantry. As I opened the pantry doors more and more were flying out and it reminded me of the movie “The Birds”, except this was The Moths.

Quick Fact | Indian Meal Moths will eat almost any plant. The eggs can go dormant surviving extreme winters before hatching.

As I batted my way past these pests towards my pantry, I was seeing them come out of mainly my dog food; however, they were also coming out of just about everything else in my pantry that had a open top. I then ran to the garage and got my electrical swatter and started the battle of getting this pest out of my kitchen. After about two hours running all over the house, I finally won the war but was still left with bags and boxes of food (not to mention the cleanup of these pests) that all went to waste.

I had to throw out basically everything in the pantry, which in the long run cost around three hundred dollars and clean everything twice over just trying to get rid of the pest. And come to find out the source of the problem was in my dog food (which is a common thing). After about 6 hours of this process, I saved one of these pest to try and figure out what this pesky pest was and what types of pest control I should use to avoid this problem.

Now I am not a professional pest exterminator, like most of us, so I turned to the web and found my pest to be Indian Meal Moths. After reading all the facts about these pests I got more freaked out and started searching for pest control companies in the Syracuse area. I was then informed of many pest control companies in the area and chose EnviroPest’s “naturally the best” solution to solve my problems. To say the lease my BBQ was over before it began but there will be many more to come.”

Indian Meal Moths Are Moths In Kitchen

Quick Indian Meal Moth Bio: Indian Meal Moths are probably the most encountered pantry pest that is found in homes, grocery stores, warehouses, etc. in the United States. The Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella), alternatively spelled Indian Meal Moth, is a pyraloid moth of the family Pyralidae. Alternative common names are North American High-Flyer and Pantry Moth.

The Indian Meal Moth has pale gray wings. But the front wings are reddish brown and coppery on the outer two-thirds. Mature larva are usually dirty white but may vary in color from green, pink, or brown, depending on the food they eat. The head region is a yellowish to reddish brown. Indian Meal Moths enter structures in boxes and bags of food from grocery stores. The larva of this cosmopolitan insect will feed on cracked grain; coarser grades of flour such as whole-wheat or graham flour and cornmeal (Indian meal) products; dried fruits, shelled nuts, raisins, dried apple, peanuts, chocolate, powdered milk and others.

After mating, females deposit eggs on or near a food source. Egg laying takes place at night. Each female may lay up to 400 eggs in about 18 days, separately or in groups. With a life cycle ranging from 27 days to more than 300 days depending on conditions. This means that between 4 and 13 generations may occur and overlap during a single season.

Quick Identification:

Small fluttering moths around the kitchen or adjoining rooms are most likely Indian Meal Moths. Most people think they are coming in from the outside. But more likely they are coming from a grain food source around the kitchen. Once they start laying eggs outside the source they will continue to show up. The eggs are so small you can barely see them.

Having these or any pest in your home should always be addressed with professional help. We have seen huge influxes of all types of pests including stink bugs invading our homes. Even when are unsure you have an infestation. Having a professional pest inspection can save you time and hassle. These pesky pests and others will sneak up and bite you in more ways than one. Call us today and set up a consultation to customize any pest control or other services for your home or business.

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