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Signs That You May Have Bed Bugs

bed bug inspection guide

What To Check To See If You May Have A Bed Bug Infestation

Getting bitten and not identifying the issue in a timely fashion just spreads the issue throughout the property. Below are some signs of how to find bed bugs. Check out our page on our treatment and warranty once you’ve identified the issue on how to choose a pest control company for your home. Below are some bed bug signs and some advice on how to check for bed bugs.

  • Bed Bug Bites

Having unexplained bites can be very discouraging. Bed bug bites show up in groups or clusters. They appear as red welts and will usually appear on the arms, shoulders, neck and face. Exposed areas and close to the mouth since that is where carbon dioxide is expelled. Carbon dioxide is what bed bugs use to find a blood meal. Not ever bites or reaction to a bite look the same. At this point bed bugs don’t spread diseases that are known but a lot people will have reactions to them including rashes, hives or blisters. We will always recommend consulting with your physician in case.

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  • Mattress Bed Bug Blood Stains

First thing to do after your being bitten is to inspect the mattress you were sleeping on. Check the seams and underneath to look for reddish colored stains. The smears and stains are from crushing them as you rollover in your sleep. You may also see brownish coloring as the fecal matter can stain the mattress as well. If you see staining and you have been getting bitten it is safe to say you have a bed bug infestation.

  • Bed Bug Fecal Matter

We talked briefly about the fecal matter staining the mattress. Check the seams of the mattress and be aware that they will leave brownish stains in other areas. Picture frames, dressers, headboards and other areas. Bed bugs will hide in all the small cracks and crevices throughout a room. Clean out all the drawers and be sure not to take clothing or other article to other areas to avoid spreading the issue.

  • Bed Bug Eggs and Shell Casings

Bed bug eggs and empty shells may need some close inspection to identify. A magnifying glass may be helpful in locating these items. Bed bugs after hatching will leave the egg casing and they also shed their exoskeleton when the young (nymph) bed bugs mature. They will do this 5 times as they move through the complete life cycle and this can leave a lot of excess byproduct (shredded skin) around the areas of infestation.

Remember if your getting bite but you are not seeing all these signs you may still have an issue with bed bugs. Bed bugs need a blood meal and typically people are getting bite before they see all the signs above. Not even a trained professional can see signs of bed bugs on every infestation. Check out our blog post on bed bug sniffing dog scams and you’ll see why. Bed bug dog sniffing is not a science. Anyone can sign up there dog. Safe bet if you getting bit is to have a treatment considering a bed bug treatment will eliminate even must infestations or fleas.

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