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Bed Bug Inspection Series

bed bug on skin

Do you have an suspicion that your home or apartment may have bed bugs? Maybe you woke up with a rash, or have seen a tiny dark spot or two on your bed sheets. Or maybe you have actually seen the tiny bed bug, but are looking to verify if it was a one-off (probably not if it was an actual bed bug that you spotted) or if you indeed have an infestation. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, EnviroPest is here to help. Here are some articles from our pest control experts on how to go about a proper bed bug inspection in your home.

If you perform a bed bug inspection and still are not sure what you are dealing with, or if you would rather have a professional take a look (highly recommended), please give us a call. We are happy to help you resolve any bed bug problems that you encounter.

Your technicians were so polite and considerate. They put covers over their boots and wore a mask the entire time. It was a pleasure to have them working in my house. They carefully explained what they would be doing, and when they finished, they explained what they had done. I would be happy to have them come again!