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EnviroPest has been protecting local homes and families for over 30 years. Our technicians provide a variety of treatments including our all-natural ladybug control solutions that effectively deal with your issue without requiring you to leave the comforts of your home for more than a few hours.

Our Industry Leading Ladybug Service Method

We Start with a Thorough Investigation

Ladybug pest control can be an especially tricky. There is a good chance that your infestation is not confined to one room in your house. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to understand all the possible hiding spots for ladybugs and thoroughly inspect each possible location.

Our Ladybug Treatment Tool-Chest

We offer a variety of different treatments for ladybug pest control and will provide recommendations on which procedure is right for your pest situation.

We promise you a 100% ladybug-free house, and we guarantee it! If you find that some of those pesky bugs managed to get past our initial assault, we will come back and make sure we treat your house again free of charge.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug - Coccinellidae

Ladybugs or as some call them Ladybirds are quite small. These insects range from .8-1.0mm. Their color can also range from red to brown with black spots.


Ladybugs or as some call them, "Ladybirds," are quite small. These insects range from .8-1.0mm. Their color can also range from red to brown with black spots.They are also known as lady beetles or ladybird beetles. Most species of this beetle family are highly beneficial insects, but some have a habit of overwintering in structures, leading them to become nuisance pests. Ladybugs are found worldwide with about 475 species located in the Unites States and Canada.

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Ladybugs Exterminators Identification

Ladybugs (lady beetles) are beneficial insects to gardeners because they are predators of garden pests like aphids and spider mites. They can sometimes be mistaken for a bed bug. In other words, we want lady beetles in our gardens, but if you need to control them review our lady bug control information. The problem happens when adult beetles try to enter our homes in the fall with the purpose of sheltering there until spring.

Most lady beetles head for the hills in the fall to shelter in natural cavities. Throughout the world there are a variety of species of ladybugs. A new imported species, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, likes to spend winters at lower elevations, and our houses happen to be very handy. If they gain entry they can be a pest all winter. They do no direct harm but some believe they contribute to indoor allergies when in large numbers.

It is important to prevent them from overwintering in your homes by spraying the exterior walls during the Fall months.

  • The ladybug, commonly called the Asian lady beetle is a pest as well as a beneficial insect.
  • They are really only a pest by their presence.
  • Ladybugs do not feed on or damage anything in the home.
  • Ladybugs do not carry diseases or sting, nor can they breed indoors.
    However, when large numbers of them take up residence in a home, they will crawl all over the walls, windows, doors, light fixtures and any other surfaces.

Adult Asian lady beetles are oval, convex, about 1/4-inch long, and pale yellow-orange to dark orange-red. Although general body shape is usually similar, there are differences in size and coloration between ladybug species, although in the United States they are usually red or orange with black markings.

Ladybug Habits

Ladybugs are tree-dwelling insects. These plant eating insects infest homes and buildings. Forested areas are especially prone to infestation. Suburban and landscaped industrial settings adjacent to wooded areas also have large Asian beetle aggregations.

Asian lady beetles (Ladybugs) congregate in large numbers during the late fall rather than disperse to over winter individually under bark or in leaf litter, as do most lady beetles. Asian lady beetles (Ladybugs) prefer to cluster on the sides of homes and other buildings, eventually working their way into the building through small cracks or crevices, or natural breaks in the window panes, door jams or foundations as the temperatures decrease. They are seeking a suitable place to spend the winter (over winter).

Once inside the building, ladybugs hibernate, until the first warm days of late winter or early spring, when they seem to come to life again and begin crawling about. Darker colors and buildings in the shade are less likely to have problems. After spending the winter months tucked away in a wall void or other secluded place, they have simply forgotten how they got in. When they become active in the late winter, lady bugs often find themselves inside the home rather than outside. At this time ladybugs are merely looking for a way to escape to the out-of-doors. This reawakening may take place over several weeks, depending on temperatures and the size of the population.

Who To Hire

What to Look for When Hiring Ladybug Exterminators & Pest Management Professional

  • We recommend pest management company be licensed by the state and insured.
  • Ladybug exterminators should be certified pest management professionals and fully licensed in the state.
  • The ladybug pest control company should be a member of a professional organization, such as the National Pest Management Association.
  • The company should have a staff entomologist or access to one.
  • Technicians should have experience with ladybugs.
  • Choose a company based on their quality of service, not the price. Research user reviews and testimonials to solidify your choice.
  • Do a pre-inspection should be conducted to assess the scope of the work.
  • The proposed work should follow the steps of integrated pest management, not just pesticide application.

Our Guarantee

The EnviroPest Complete Service Guarantee

If at any time between services or your guarantee period, you as a customer of EnviroPest are not satisfied for any reason. We will readdress the area in question at no additional charge. We have serviced over 300,000 homes and businesses over 30 years, and our clients rely on us to stand behind the work we perform.

Our continuous inspection and treatment mean a 100% guarantee as long as you have us on the property.

Our service personnel has been trained and certified with over six (6) years of experience in the pest control field as specialists. We do not advocate or provide seasonal labor or “college kids” to provide applications in or around your family or home. Another reason we are the natural choice in pest control.


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