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Are you concerned about Pests in your home?

We’ll find the source of your problems and eliminate the threat that lives in your home.

Get Inspected for Free – Ants, Bees, Mice and More. Our services are always based on a thorough inspection to find out what’s inside and outside your home.

Experienced Staff – Our specialists are all trained and certified with over 6 Years experience. No “seasonal” help here. Only professional trained specialists that work for our company in your home.

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  • Prompt Pest Service
  • Results 100% Guaranteed
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Top Rated Service
  • Fully Trained & Insured

Rest Assured – If at any point you ever find yourself with more unwelcome house guests, we will come back to clear them out – free of charge!


CALL: (315) 637-0720

Are you seeing Carpenter Ants inside your home?

Choose a company you can trust with your home. Not all companies are the same. All our staff have a minimum 6 years experience and are all full time.

Carpenter Ant Elimination – Safe, effective elimination of carpenter ants to STOP them from destroying your home. You don’t have to leave your home for our carpenter ant treatment.

Mice and Rat Elimination- Safe, effective process that increases the temperature throughout your house to a level that will kill bed bugs

Spiders, Stinkbugs and Other General Pests- Our technicians will find the areas of pest infestations inside the home and inspect and treat the outside of your property as well for a long term effective solution.

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  • Carpenter Ants and General Ants
  • Bees, Wasps & Stinging Insects
  • Boxelder Bugs, & Stinkbugs
  • Spiders, Centipedes
  • Top Rated Service

Rest Assured – We work directly with Cornell Cooperative Extension and their extensive research in designing and implementing the most effective carpenter ant elimination.


CALL: (315) 637-0720

Are you concerned about bed bugs in your home?

We’ll find the source of your problems and eliminate the threat that lives in your home.
Bed Bug

Get Inspected for Free – Bed bugs are excellent at hiding.  If you even remotely suspect you have bed bugs, schedule your free bed bug inspection.

Stop The Spread – Like most small parasites, bed bugs come in groups. The sooner we find and remove the source of your bed bugs, the sooner you’ll be pest free.

We offer the following treatments for Bed Bug extermination:

  • Steam Treatment
  • Heat Treatment
  • Residual Pesticide Treatment

Rest Assured – If at any point you ever find yourself with more unwelcome house guests, we will come back to clear them out – free of charge!

Your Mice Removal & Rat Control Specialists?

Mice and Rats can be difficult to get rid of. Choose a company that not only eliminates the issue but finds / seals the entry points.
How to Get Rid Of Mice

Rodent infestations (especially mice or rats) can grow rapidly so it’s important to tackle the problem before it turns into a much larger problem. An effective rodent control strategy typically involves the following:

  • Rodent Inspection for Signs of Infestation
  • Sanitation and Food Source Removal Recommendations
  • Rodent Proofing (Exclusion of Rats and Mice)
  • Population Reduction (Trapping and/or Baiting)
  • Monitoring for Ongoing Effectiveness

Want to enjoy your time outside Pest free?

Our treatments include a variety of pests and we focus on organic products with the best guarantee in the industry.

EnviroPest will treat the exterior of your home to prevent and eliminate over 45 types of pests. Whether its a backyard party or preventing infestations in your home, we have the solution.

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  • Bees, Wasps & Stinging Insects
  • BoxElder Bugs, & Stinkbugs
  • Spiders, Centipedes
  • Carpenter Ants and All Ants
  • Top Rated Service

Rest Assured – Our materials and service are 100% safe and 100% effective. All our staff have over 6 years experience. No “Summer” help. Only professionals.


CALL: (315) 637-0720

Need a Mosquito and Tick program that works?

Mosquito and tick programs are not all built the same. Quality products, professional staff and regular treatments make all the difference.

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Protect Your Family

Sign up today to treat your property on a monthly frequency to eliminate mosquitos and ticks from your property. Protect your family and home from blood borne pests that carry Lyme Disease and other infectious disease.


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