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With over two decades of experience, EnviroTech is the leader in the bed bug extermination industry. Our pest experts use 100% natural bed bug control solutions that can effectively diffuse your bed bug situation fast. In fact, our all natural treatments won’t have you out of your home for more than a few hours

Our Industry Leading Bed Bug Extermination Method

We Start with a Thorough Investigation

It is pretty common knowledge that one of the more difficult pests to deal with is bed bugs. By the time they are spotted, there is a good chance that they have already exploded in population. Luckily, our technicians have the experience and knowledge to think like a bed bug and know exactly where they are hiding out.

Our Treatment Technology Tool-Chest

We use the following treatments for bed bug extermination:

  1. Steam Treatment – This safe and effective process utilizes a high-temperature steam that reaches up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam instantly kills any bed bugs and eggs in the treatment area
  2. Heat Treatment – A safe and effective method that raises the temperature of your home to exterminate all bed bugs inside
  3. Residual Pesticide Treatment – Conventional method that utilizes residual pesticides to exterminate unwanted bed bug infestations in areas such as dressers, night stands, chairs, couches, chests, mattresses and more
Note: Heat and steam bed bug treatments by themselves do not give you a residual to fight eggs/nymphs and impregnated adults. Our specialists will advise a custom plan according to your situation.

Follow Up

We guarantee you a house that is completely bed bug-free by the time we are done. If some of those pests managed to survive past our initial assault, we will come back and treat your home again absolutely free.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs - Cimex Lectularius

Bed bugs are small parasites with 15 species in North America alone. They can range in size from 1mm (nymph) to 5mm (adult) long.

Bed Bug Lifecycle

Bed bugs have three life stages; egg, nymph, and adult. They feed on blood, and molt as they grow through their stages. Bed bugs are often found in groups. It is common to find bed bugs hiding in the seams of mattresses or other areas that allow easy access to hosts during the night, yet leave them undisturbed during the day. Other common hiding places include pieces of furniture such as dressers, nightstands, or armoires. Bed bugs are most commonly active at night.

Eggs - Small but visible egg, 2 grains of salt for scale.

Nymph - 1 mm in size, poppy seed for scale.

Adults – 5 mm in size, apple seed for scale.

  1. Bites or a rash that appear on legs/feet or other bare skin areas
  2. Dark reddish-brown stains on bed linens, especially visible on white mattresses and sheets, caused by bed bugs' fecal matter
  3. Live bugs, exoskeletons or eggs gathered in the seams and sides of mattresses or box springs

Bed bugs enter the home after latching on to someone or something, e.g., purses, bags, luggage, clothing, etc. They come from other infested spaces such as houses and apartments, hotels, theaters, second-hand furniture, etc. Once they arrive to their new residence, they are quick to hide and have the ability to multiply extremely fast.

Bed bugs are more common in environments with multiple people living under the same roof. The more people in and out of a residence, the more ways bed bugs can potentially enter the household.

Bed bugs have never been suspected hosts of human disease, even though they are parasitic. Bed Bugs have a jaw that allows for penetration of human skin and feed for only a few minutes at a time. It is common for these bites to produce a rash-like condition that may itch or cause discomfort. The psychological toll can also disrupt sleep habits and lead to a stressful environment for those dealing with infestations.

Who To Hire

What to Look for When Hiring a Pest Management Professional

  • The pest management company should be licensed by the state and insured.
  • Technicians should be certified pest management professionals and fully licensed in the state.
  • The company should be a member of a professional organization, such as the National Pest Management Association.
  • The company should have a staff entomologist or access to one.
  • Technicians should have experience with bed bug management.
  • Choose a company based on their quality of service, not the price. Research user reviews and testimonials to solidify your choice.
  • A pre-inspection should be conducted to assess the scope of the work.
  • The proposed work should follow the steps of integrated pest management, not just pesticide application.

Our Guarantee

Complete Service Guarantee

  • If, at any time between services or your guarantee period, you as a customer of EnviroTech are not satisfied for any reason, we will readdress the area in question at no additional charge.
  • Our continuous inspection and treatment means a 100% guarantee as long as you have us on the property.

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