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How Easily Do Bed Bugs Spread In A School?

bed bugs in school

How Easily Do Bed Bugs Spread?

One Local School Finds Out

Pittsford NY – We will leave out names in this story to spare this Pittsford family and further embarrassment. Let’s call her Linda for the sake of the story. When she called she wasn’t angry but there was more a sense of defeat in her voice. How easily do bed bugs spread and how did I get them? She asked. She stated she was embarrassed by the letter she received and phone call from Pittsford School District. They stated unless she acted and provided paperwork, her daughter would not be allowed back at her fifth-grade classroom. Where did they even hide?

Apparently, this Rochester NY fifth grade classroom became infested with bed bugs and her daughter had been identified as the source. Linda stated that she was so embarrassed that her daughter had told the teacher that her family had bed bugs at home. It didn’t matter when I explained that anyone can get bed bugs. Linda was horrified.

Bed Bug Plan Of Action

So we went into action. We contacted the district and spoke to the administration about the bed bug treatment we were performing at Linda’s home and found out exactly what we need to write to ensure her daughter could return to school. It seems municipal and even private companies are attempting to force individuals to handle bed bugs that they are bringing to work and schools. In some cases, they have asked employees to pay for the treatments and contribute to the resolution.

When we provided the treatment in Linda’s home, we found she had a very extravagant home and the home was professionally cleaned. It seems that this family traveled a lot for work, and they must have brought them from a conference in Orlando, FL. Bed bugs will flourish in any environment. Check out how to prep for your service on our recommended residential bed bug preparation post.

We treat bed bugs in various situations. Our staff has handled call centers with 300 cubicles and schools throughout Rochester, NY. We pride ourselves on giving people a solution to a safe and healthy environment that is bed bug free. Take a look at our guide for hiring a bed bug exterminator. We guarantee them for extended periods and design our programs to treat the biology and make it the least intrusive we can. Contact us and we can walk you through any questions your may have about bedbugs in schools, work or homes.

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