Bed Bug Do-It-Yourself? Read This Before!

Bed Bug Do-It-Yourself

Bed Bug Do It Yourself Internet Searcher?

See What Type Of DIY Client You Are

There is a whole spectrum of risks that can be associated with “Bed Bug Do-It-Yourself.”  DIY treatments for bed bugs are not always a successful endeavor.  From the risks can exposure to materials that are not meant to be applied in a specific manner to homes burning down.  Here are three types of “Bed Bug Do It Yourselfer’s.”

Types Of Bed Bug Do-It-Yourself Clients

#1:  Metallica Client – Kill Em All:

There are many cases of homeowners exposing themselves or their families to chemicals that are known carcinogens and cancer related materials.  These Kill Em All type folks will spray anything they can find anywhere and just want them dead.  They tend to buy the worst stuff they can find from the internet or some unverified source.  Not read the labels and spray as much as they can until exposing themselves to products that can lead to asthma, sickness, digestive problems or long-term cancer-causing exposure?  This case of creating one problem to solve another usually ends up costing a lot more in health issues than hiring a professional bed bug exterminator.

#2:  If I Can Get It, It Must Be Alright Clients:

Almost 75% of customer who contact us about bed bugs have already tried their own processes.  Some have thrown $1,000 of dollars at the curb by throwing out their mattress (s) and others have spent hundred’s on home remedy products from Home Depot or Lowes.  The theory is that they can get rid of this issue on their own and the products at the big box stores or internet is just as good.  The problem is that most of these products come in a diluted form.  This means people are buying gallons of it and spraying it around their homes.  They are not treating the source areas and just spraying in the living space and when the problem returns, they have wasted not only money but also their health.

Just because you can buy it at the store doesn’t mean it’s safe.  Not following labels and spraying ineffective product all over your home just exposes everyone to risks with no reward.  In fact, these products are typically applied improperly and overused in area where there is an increase in exposure over a professional bed bug exterminator.

#3: Green Is Good:

We are a company dedicated to stewardship for the environment.  There is no other company more focused on green bed bug treatments than us.  The problem is that quite often online and stores will sell customer “All-Natural” bed bug sprays and treatments and unfortunately it is quite ineffective.  These sprays can be proven to kill a bed bug in a lab.  But, it doesn’t account for the situational aspects of reproductive cycles around your home.  Look clearly at the reviews and information.  Often, you’ll see people who say it works great but then they come back.  Well expect to be spraying and getting bit forever with these types of treatments.

The University of Virginia is one of the leading resources for Bed bugs.  Use a professionally trained bed bug exterminator that uses the proper products.  They will use the proper application is the best way to get results.  Sometimes trying to save money by treating yourself just has too many costs.  Hiring a firm like us can be the most cost-effective way to free your home from bed bugs.

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