Does your Fruit have Flies?

What’s the only pest that loves fruit more than you do? FRUIT FLIES.

In the science world, they’re known as drosophila, but in the kitchen you know them as annoying black specs that fly around your face and aggravate the
heck out of you. Our customer Kate from Albany was sitting down to enjoy a banana after her morning workout when more than a dozen annoying fruit flies
swarmed her fruit. It’s not something to be ashamed of—it happens to the best of us. These little buggers seem to come from nowhere and are almost
impossible to get rid of. Fruit flies live for only 8-10 days but the females can lay upwards of 500 eggs at a time! This seems to be a pretty rapid growth
cycle, no? But take heart. All hope is not lost.

Fruit Fly Fighters

Your first step in combatting a fruit fly problem is to rid your counters of all fruit products. Put the produce in the fridge, and clean the counter
surfaces well. Fruit flies lay eggs on the outside of fruit and in drains, empty bottles and garbage disposals. Even when you remove the fruit, the larva
may still lurk in the corners of your kitchen. Sadly, in order to be fruit fly-free, you need to kill all the adult flies. The most effective way is to
have a professional evaluate your problem and devise a foolproof plan—with a guarantee—to rid your house of these pests.

DISCLAIMER: No fruit flies were harmed in the writing of this blog!

That said; if you have a fruit fly problem or want to avoid a potential problem, follow these tips:

Fruit Flies Pest Control Advice

  1. Clean fruit once it comes home from the store and store it in your refrigerator
  2. Don’t dispose of food garbage in a basket that sits inside your home
  3. Clean your dishwasher disposal by rinsing bleach through it.
  4. Discard all overripe fruit; rotting fruit an open invitation to fruit flies!
  5. Clean open containers and any soda and vinegar product containers

If your efforts to rectify fruit fly problems on your own aren’t sufficient and those pesky little flies are still around your kitchen, give us a call.
We’ll be happy to assist you in your pest control needs.

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