Bed Bugs Blog Series: Beyond the Bed

Bedroom furniture such as nightstands will be likely places to find bed bugs. As the bed bug population grows, overcrowding may cause them to wander. Furniture near the bed can easily become infested—and infestation can quickly spread beyond the bed area if control measures aren’t taken.

Bed Bugs Furniture Check

 The Best Ways to Inspect Furniture/Storage Areas:

  • Empty drawers and shelves of the furniture closest to the bed
  • Place items into plastic bags to be inspected and cleaned
  • Pull out drawers and inspect every corner and the undersides, using the crevice tool to check under the metal drawer guide
  • Use the crevice tool to inspect gaps wherever the tool will fit, such as between the shelf and bookcase frame
  • Turn over all furniture to inspect the underside
  • Be sure to inspect screw and nail holes
  • Plastic and metal furniture may harbor bed bugs, follow the same inspection procedures
  • Electronics, such as lamps, remote controls, alarm clocks, and radios should be placed into plastic bags for further inspection. If bed bugs are found in the frame of the furniture where the radio or clock sits, further inspections of those items and possible treatment are warranted
  • Office-style chairs should be inspected by turning them over and looking under seams where fabric attaches to the frame. Also check screw holes
  • Plush furniture, such as a couch, will harbor bed bugs, even if residents are not sleeping there. In these cases, inspection will be more difficult due to the many inaccessible hiding spots
  • Inspect pillows and cushions, particularly the seams and the folds around zippers
  • Look at and under legs of chairs and couches
  • Turn over the furniture and remove the thin cloth backing under each piece
  • Pay special attention to staples and where material is stapled to the frame
  • Look inside at all wood parts of the frame
  • If the piece is highly infested, consider disposing of it in a proper manner (we’ll cover this topic in a later blog in this series)

The final stage of checking a room thoroughly for bed bugs is inspecting the perimeter of the space. Our fourth blog in this series will discuss proper inspection techniques for the outer areas of the room.

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