Bed Bugs? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

There’s a bed bug epidemic spreading across the US, and our fellow residents in Cleveland, OH, are having a tough time controlling the infestations. The good news is that many people are now more aware of the preventive measures they can take to keep their homes pest-free. The bad news is that the number of infected homes still continues to rise.

Our research attributes this increase in infestations to a parallel increase in new and/or inexperienced pest control companies in the area, paired with rising treatment costs and a general misunderstanding about bed bugs. What’s happening now is a classic case of supply and demand: as more homes become infested, more pest control companies are setting up shop to meet the increased need. Healthy competition is good and serves to keep overall costs in check.

That said, we recognize that having bed bugs is daunting enough; trying to find the right pest exterminator may feel like more than you can handle. That’s why we’ve put together this quick list highlighting some key traits to look for when selecting a pest exterminator for your bed bug problem.

State law in Ohio requires that every pest control company has at least 1 licensed applicator on staff and on call at all times. This is good news. But having “book smarts” is no substitute for having real-life (and real-bed-bug) experience. It is important to consider how much knowledge and experience competing companies have, specifically with bed bug control and elimination.

For example, did you know that bed bugs are thigmotropic, meaning they are stimulated by physical contact with an object? This is why, despite their name, they cluster in the cracks and crevices of your home, and prefer to live in your walls, not in your bed. This author is willing to bet that your generic pest exterminator didn’t know it either.

EnviroTech’s Cleveland pest exterminators go through extensive training and education to pass the pest control test, and we’re required to continue our training to maintain our own personal pest control licenses. No other pest control company in Cleveland requires such a rigorous, expensive, and time-consuming process. We don’t mind though; we do it because we know that it makes us the safest and most effective in the industry.

Financing bed bug elimination can become very expensive, very quickly. Many pest control companies charge for every visit they make to a home. At EnviroTech, we handle our programs differently. As much as our customers would like to believe otherwise, we know that bed bug infestations do not go away with just one treatment. Our packages include initial treatments as well as the often-required re-treatments and services, so there are no hidden costs and our customers are guaranteed a solution.

Read more about EnviroTech’s environmentally (and economically) safe solutions for bed bug infestations here. (

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