Turf Landscape Columbus OH Wars: Protecting your second-biggest investment

EnviroTech – Providing Turf Treatment to Columbus OH Since 1991

Turf Landscape Columbus OH Wars: Protecting your second-biggest investment

Increase the Value of Your Property

All EnviroTech organic lawn care treatments are 100% botanical. After years of extensive research on a wide range of products and processes that require specialized training, we are proud to offer a complete home treatment using exclusively all-natural materials.

EnviroTech Certified Professionals use the most effective products and services available to care for your home, inside and out. We focus on safe solutions that protect your property, family, pets and the environment. The result is a healthy family and beautiful lawn.

In addition to our popular

turf landscape

programs, we provide many other services including:

  • Turf Topsoil & Overseed
  • Turf Crabgrass & Vegetation Control
  • Turf Core Aeration & Overseed
  • Turf Insect & Disease Control
  • Bee & Wasp Control (does not include honey bees)
  • Mole & Vole Control
  • Ornamental Fertilization, Pruning & Trimming
  • Ornamental Insect & Disease Control
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“Thank you for the great work you guys did. I appreciate the extra effort that you made for me to keep the costs down. You have a lot of skill and a down-to-earth way when working with others!”

– J.N. Columbus OH

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EnviroTech serves customers in the Columbus, Dublin & Grove City, OH areas with professional turf landscape services.