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Albany NY Pest Control: Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests

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in the northeastern United States. We offer the most effective treatments and customized solutions for over 45 pests including bees, wasps, termites, carpenter ants, bed bugs and more. Our pest exterminators will help you end your pest problem, guaranteed!

Potential Health and Financial Risks of Untreated Pest Problems

Mice, rats, bats, squirrels, chipmunks and even birds and their nests bring great risk to homeowners and their families when they infest a dwelling. Pest control is the first step to correcting the problem. Cleaning the hazardous mess they’ve left behind is the second step.

Pest feces and carcasses can cause illness and disease. They can also attract and create an environment for further infestation by insects. Dangerous fluids can penetrate building materials and harmful toxins can be released into the air. Touching or simply disturbing the toxic waste can make things even worse.

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– A.N. Albany NY

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